10 years after the world's hottest ``worst art restoration by grandma'', what changes have occurred in the town and grandma?

In 2012, Cecilia Jiménez, an old woman from Borja, Spain, restored the famous fresco '

Look At This Man ' by Elias García Martínez that hung in the town's church to a far from original state. A situation has occurred. The restoration by Mr. Jimenez was called 'the worst art restoration' and was reported worldwide, but what happened in the 10 years since this restoration work was done overseas media Compiled by Archyde of.

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Ecce Homo, a fresco by Elias García Martínez from Zaragoza, Spain, depicts Jesus Christ wearing a crown of thorns. It is said that Martinez was commissioned by the church in Santuario de Misericordia in Borja to paint this fresco in Spain, which was suffering from poverty and hardship at the time. It is said that Martinez painted 'Look at this man' on a church pillar while vacationing in Borja.

'Look at this person' is a fresco of about 60 x 40 cm, which is not technically original, but looks very similar to the portrait of Jesus Christ drawn by Italian painter Guido Reni .

The “Look at this man” painted on the church pillar was loved by the local residents as an object of faith, but it was not made with materials suitable for mural paintings, so it was damaged due to deterioration over time. went. Under such circumstances, Mr. Jimenez, who was 81 years old at the time, was volunteering to help maintain the church. Mr. Jimenez is a person who has been involved in the work of restoring the painting of Our Lady Carmen in the Santa Clara Convent in the past.

Mr. Jimenez offers to use his knowledge to repair 'Look at this person', but the work did not go well. The result was the fresco below. 'Look at this person' repaired by Mr. Jimenez has been reported worldwide and is now called 'the worst painting restoration in history'.

Regarding ``Look at this person'' before the restoration work, Mr. Juan Mario Ojeda, a member of the Cultural Council of Borja, said, ````Look at this person'' was not in very good condition due to the humidity of the church,''

ABC said in an interview with Radio Point .

Mr. Jimenez said that he could not complete the restoration work because he went on vacation in the middle of the restoration work of 'Look at this person'. However, while Mr. Jimenez was on vacation, the devastation of 'Look at this person' in the middle of restoration work was reported in major Spanish newspapers, and from there it developed into worldwide news. Therefore, when Mr. Jimenez returned from vacation, it seems that the restored version 'Look at this person' had already become world famous.

Statistics from travel service Vanguard Tourist show that tourist visits to Borja have tripled since Jiménez's restoration of 'Look At This Man' became public knowledge. It seems that it has greatly helped the economy of a town with a population of only 5000 people.

Jiménez's restoration of 'Look At This Man' has become a must-see tourist attraction for visitors to Spain's Zaragoza region. Since 2012, more than 300,000 tourists from 110 countries around the world have traveled to Borja to see Jimenez's restoration of 'Look At This Man,' according to Vanguard Tourist data. .

Eduardo Ardila, Mayor of Borja, generated income of 40,000 euros (about 5.5 million yen) annually by selling tickets for 3 euros (about 410 yen) to see 'Look at this person' restored by Mr. Jimenez He said this has allowed him to hire two employees in town to conduct guided tours.

At the time of writing the article, Mr. Jimenez was 91 years old, but it seems that he was not necessarily having a good time during the heyday of the restoration version of 'Look at this person'. It seems that he was often troubled by disputes with relatives of Martinez, the author of 'Look at this person', rights issues, and pressure from the mass media. However, the restored version by Mr. Jimenez 'Look at this person' has become world famous, and various goods have been produced, so we are supposed to get more money from royalties.

Mr. Jimenez owns 49% of the copyright of the restored version 'Look at this person'. As a result, half of the revenue from the restored version of 'Look at this person' related goods will go into Mr. Jimenez's pocket, and the rest will be donated to the local Sancti Spiritus Foundation.

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