Landscape photographer creates unreal scenery with AI image generator 'Stable Diffusion'

Image generation using AI is no longer a novelty. As an example, landscape photographer

Aurel Manea produces photographs of landscapes that do not exist anywhere.

These Are Not Photos: Beautiful Landscapes Created by New AI | PetaPixel

Manea, who has experience using the

AI image generator `` DALL E2 '' , said, ``The `` DALL E2 '' creates wonderful portraits that look like photographs, but it can't generate landscape photos well. image and the creators' political reasons for excluding modern landscape photographers.' On the other hand, this 'Stable Diffusion' says that there is no such problem because the image set from which it is trained is wide.

Some of the images created and published by Mr. Manea are like this.

These are unreal landscapes.

A very Antarctic landscape.

A number of images created by Mr. Manea and others with 'Stable Diffusion' can be seen in the Facebook group.

Stable Diffusion | Facebook

In addition, it has been pointed out that 'Stable Diffusion' clearly uses images of active artists for training and can imitate styles, and artists have been criticized for infringing rights.

AI that generates images that look like they were drawn by a human artist is criticized for ``infringing on the artist's rights''-GIGAZINE

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