I tried using Buki and special weapons newly appearing in Splatoon 3 at 'Splatoon 3 Eve Festival'

The `` Splatoon 3 Eve Festival '' where you can experience Splatoon 3 before its release is being held for a limited time from 9:00 to 21:00 on August 28, 2022. I immediately participated in the eve so that I could experience the new buki and special weapons that appeared in Splatoon 3 in the actual battle.

How to participate in 'Splatoon 3 Eve Festival'? | Nintendo Switch | Nintendo


◆ List of new elements
1: Bankara street during the festival
2: Buki & Sub Weapon
3: Special Weapon
4: Action
5: Lobby
6: Festival match

1: Bankara street during the festival
In 'Splatoon 3 Eve Festival', you can check the state of Bankara Street during the festival. In Bangkara, which is wider than the previous bases, the surimi alliance of Utsuho, Fuka, and Mantaro parades around the main street on a boat.

State of Bankara town during 'Splatoon 3 Eve Festival' - YouTube

2: Buki & Sub Weapon
In 'Splatoon 3 Eve', you can use the new buki 'Stringer' and 'Wiper' in Splatoon 3, and the new sub weapon 'Line Marker'. You can see what kind of performance these new Buki & new sub weapons are by watching the following movie.

A movie that tried using Buki & Sub Weapons newly appearing in Splatoon 3 - YouTube

3: Special Weapon
In 'Splatoon 3 Eve', in addition to the special weapons that appeared in Splatoon 2, there will be many improved special weapons that appeared in Splatoon and completely new special weapons. Below is a movie that summarizes the new special weapons that appear in Splatoon 3.

A movie that tried using special weapons newly appearing in Splatoon 3 - YouTube

4: Action
New in Splatoon 3, 'Squid Roll' that allows you to jump while rolling by jumping while inputting the stick in the opposite direction during a squid dash, and if you press and hold the jump button while diving in the ink and release it Two actions called 'Ikanobori' to activate have been added.

In particular, Squid Roll is used to exchange and nullify enemy attacks, and many Splatoon players have released videos showing how they use Squid Roll.

It can be used even when climbing a wall, and it seems that it can be activated continuously because there is no deceleration after the squid roll.

Some even combined squid rolls with buki-specific actions. Combining it with a maneuver slide ......

Combined with the charge keep of the charger.

Regarding the effect of activating 'Ika Roll' and 'Ikanobori', Nintendo explains that 'the effect is to prevent the opponent's ink a little'.

In addition, there is a gear power called 'action enhancement' that makes it easier to perform squid rolls and squid rolls, and reduces the blurring of attacks immediately after jumping.

By the way, among the gear that can be used at the eve, the main gear power that strengthens the action is attached to the power of the main gear.

When it comes to shoes, it's only 'Beri Beri Sun Magenta'.

5: Lobby
Splatoon 3 looks like this. You can test fire in the lobby.

Matchmaking can be applied by opening the lobby menu.

You can test fire during matchmaking, but you cannot change weapons during matchmaking.

You can reset the fill of the test fire area from the lobby menu.

There is also a rice shop in the trial shooting area ......

It cannot be purchased at the eve.

Also, Judge-kun was sleeping in one corner of the trial shooting area.

Once you have played Festival Match (Open), you will be able to play Festival Match (Challenge).

6: Festival match
What I felt when I actually played it was that the play skills of the players as a whole have improved, and it might be difficult for people who are playing Splatoon for the first time or who are returning to play for the first time in a long time at the eve of the festival. . I have the impression that the difference in play skills that always exists when joining a series midway is becoming more pronounced in Splatoon 3. Also, in the Splatoon series so far, I was worried that matchmaking often ended due to a communication error, which I don't remember much, and the match was forced to end due to the player leaving the match.

In addition, the rules and new elements of the new festival are summarized in the following article, so if you want to participate in the eve from now on! Please check while downloading the special software.

Pre-download ``Splatoon 3 Eve Festival'' and check the new base of Bankara Street and New Buki & prepare for the reborn festival - GIGAZINE

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