A woman who has been mistakenly remitted 1.4 billion yen buys a mansion but is ordered to sell it by the court

An affiliate of Crypto.com, one of the world's largest virtual currency exchanges, accidentally sent $ 100 (about 14,000 yen) to one of its customers, accidentally $ 10,474,143 (about 1,450 million yen) was sent. The woman used the money to buy a mansion with a home cinema and gym, but was ordered to sell it by the court.

Foris GFS Australia Pty Ltd v Manivel [2022] VSC 482 (26 August 2022)


Crypto.com Sues User After Refunding $10M Instead of $100

When Crypto.com's affiliate Foris GFS Australia (Foris) responded to refunds to customers in May 2021, customers incorrectly entered their account numbers where they were supposed to enter their payment amounts. Without noticing, he transferred $ 10,474,143 instead of the original amount of $ 100. Foris is said to have discovered the error seven months later in December 2021.

Foris filed suit in February 2022 after making various inquiries to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. According to the complaint, the defendant who received the erroneous remittance shared the money with seven people, and said that he had purchased real estate in the name of one of them, his sister. This real estate is a property in Craigieburn, Melbourne, Australia, and the purchase price was $ 1.35 million (about 190 million yen). The defendant subsequently became the registered owner of the property, although the defendant himself resides in Malaysia.

Various problems arose from the fact that the defendant resided in Malaysia, that there was a discrepancy in confirming his intention through a lawyer, and that it was his sister who purchased the property. The court recognized the payment of the purchase price of $ 1.35 million and the sale of the property to the plaintiff, and the above order was given to the defendant.

The defendant has communicated his intentions through his lawyer, but has not appeared in court. Also, the lawsuit did not say what the remaining money would be.

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