`` Battle Battle Nawa Battler '', which is a card game of Nawabari Battle that appeared in `` Splatoon 3 '', has simple rules and a collection peculiar to card games.

In '

Splatoon 3 ', which was finally released on September 9, 2022, many new weapons and special weapons that have never existed before have appeared , and ' Jintori Taisen ', a card game of the territory battle, has appeared. A new mini-game called Nawa Battler is also available. I actually played Nawa Battler, which is a bit different from Nawabari Battle and Bankara Match.

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You can see what kind of game Nawa Butler is in one shot by watching the following video.

I tried playing ``Shinto Taisen Nawa Battler'' which turned Splatoon's Nawabari Battle into a card game-YouTube

'Jintori Taisen Nawa Battler' can be played in one corner of Bankara Street.

However, it is possible to play after reaching rank 4 or later.

So, first of all, I will raise the rank in the territory battle.

If you talk to the staff again after reaching Rank 4, you will be able to get an explanation about the Nawa Battler.

Nawa Battler is a cool card game that is all the rage in Bangkala region.

It is said that the starter deck for playing Nawa Battler is being distributed, and the game can be played for free.

I wanted to play with it right away, but I had to read the instructions first.

Nawa Battler is a 1vs1 card game inspired by territorial battles. A very simple rule, 'the one who paints a lot of squares wins'.

You have 4 cards in your hand, and each turn you draw a card and fill in the squares. Each card has a different square shape, and the game ends in 12 turns.

It is possible to paint only ``where it is in contact with your own square'', and it is not possible to paint a square so that it overlaps an already painted square. This is the same for both your color squares and your opponent's color squares.

After deciding where to paint, open the card. If the square you want to paint overlaps with your opponent, it will be painted with the card with the smaller number. Also, if the card numbers are the same, the overlapping squares will turn into walls that cannot be painted.

Each card contains only one special square. If you surround this special square with your own color, you can get special points.

If you accumulate special points, you will be able to activate special attacks and issue cards. When the special attack is effective, you can repaint the squares painted in the opponent's color, so you can bring the situation to the turn at once.

Cards used in Nawa Battler can be obtained from card packs, and card packs can also be obtained by playing Nawa Battler or from catalogs and lotteries.

The deck of Nawa Butler is 15 cards, and up to 16 decks can be set.

So, let's play Nawa Butler at once.

At the start of the battle, you have 4 cards in your hand. This initial hand of four cards can also be redrawed.

When you select a card to put on the field ......

It becomes possible to paint over the right area. The number in the center of the screen shows how the number of squares you have secured depends on the arrangement of the cards.

In addition, the painted area of the card is grayed out as follows in places where it cannot be placed.

We will paint areas with each other like this. The number on each card represents the number of squares that can be painted, so the point is to cut the cards with the largest numbers first and secure your own area.

Succeeded in surrounding all special squares with squares of your own color as follows. It is possible to easily enclose the special mass by using the edge of the area.

To use a special attack, press 'Special ON' under your hand.

Then, select a card that requires less special points than your own special points (bottom left of the screen).

Then a special attack is activated ......

It is possible to repaint squares painted in the opponent's color.

By effectively proceeding with the battle, there are cases where the opponent runs out of areas to paint and passes.

Note that if you put only cards with large numbers in the deck, the number of cards that can be put out will decrease as the game approaches the end of the game as shown below.

That's why the 12th turn is over and the game is over.

I won safely.

You can also check the movie below to see how you are actually playing Nawa Butler.

I tried playing ``Shinto Taisen Nawa Battler'' which turned Splatoon's Nawabari Battle into a card game-YouTube

By playing Nawa Battler, you can get Nawa Battler Points, and your Nawa Battlerak will increase.

Sometimes you can get card packs when you rank up.

The card pack is a lobby terminal in the lobby ......

You can open it from 'Item Get'.

So when I opened it immediately ......

You can get 5 cards per pack.

To check the cards you have obtained or edit your deck, go to 'Player Information' → 'Nawa Battler' → 'Card List' from the menu.

The cards I have are as follows. Cards have 'rarity' such as common and rare, which stimulates the desire to collect.

You can edit the deck by pressing the Y button.

The number of decks that can be saved is 16, and you can also change deck names and sleeves.

It's very easy to build a deck, just set 15 cards from the cards you have.

After deck construction is complete, press the + button to place a trial placement.

Select stage.

Then, it is possible to actually arrange the cards put in the deck.

Also, if you press the L button, you can try out the cards you have that are not in your deck. There are various ways to paint squares for each card, so you can check that you want to put it in the same deck because this card and this card seem to be compatible with each other.

Another way to get new cards is to order a card pack from the catalog. If you go to the Ryugu Castle of Zakkaya for the catalog ...

Available for free. However, you must accumulate Catalog Points to order items from the Catalog.

Catalog points can be obtained each time you do a territory battle.

Yet another way to get card packs is by drawing lots in the lobby.

It is important to understand that lottery tickets are expensive and card packs are not guaranteed.

Nawa Battler is easy to play because it takes 2 to 3 minutes per battle, but when you actually play it, the area where you can place cards narrows with each turn, so you only need cards that can cover many areas at once. You can't get around well with it, and you'll have more headaches than you can imagine when building a deck. As deck building becomes more fun, you'll want more and more new cards, but in the end you'll need to play normal modes such as Territory Battles to save money and raise your catalog level, so Nawa Battler I was able to strongly realize that is one of the gears for enjoying Splatoon 3 as a whole.

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