Even though the official song of the US Space Force is released, it is too old and is very unpopular with net users as ``Isn't it a story?''

The US Space Force, which was launched on December 20, 2019, released its official song ' Semper Supra ' on September 20, 2022.

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The official song of the US Space Force can be heard from the following.

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According to the announcement of the US Space Force, the song title 'Semper Supra' was named from the motto of the Space Force, which means 'Always Above' in Latin. About the fact that the official song was completed about three years after the Space Force was founded, singer-songwriter James Teachenor, who was in charge of composing the song, said, ``I wanted to cover all the roles and visions of the Space Force. , This song was a difficult birth.'

Space Force Gen. John Raymond, who helped write the song, added: 'Working on this song is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a Space Force song that will be part of our culture and heritage for years to come. Our heritage is part of the fabric that weaves all of us in our mission, and we are proud to sing 'Semper Supra' with our fellow Guardians.'

U.S. soldiers have specific names such as ``Soldier'' for the Army, ``Sailor'' for the Navy, ``Airman'' for the Air Force, and ``Marine'' for the Marine Corps. is included.

The spirit of the Space Force, spoken by General Raymond, is reflected in the lyrics of 'Semper Supra.' The lyrics are below, with temporary translations in parentheses.

We're the mighty watchful eye,
(We are mighty eyes of watch)

Guardians beyond the blue,
(Guardian beyond the blue sky)

The invisible front line,
(Invisible front line)

Warfighters brave and true.
(Courageous True Warriors)

Boldly reaching into space,
(Fearlessly launches into space)

There's no limit to our sky.
(Our skies are limitless)

Standing guard both night and day,
(Watching day and night tirelessly)

We're the Space Force from on high
(We are the High Space Force)

It is the official song of the Space Force, which the music director of the US Air Force band, who was in charge of performing, praised as 'the most exciting sound', but it is unpopular with Internet users and Internet media because the melody and lyrics are too heavy.

According to We Are The Mighty, which deals with military news, when 'Semper Supra' was first announced, many people took it as a parody or a joke. One Twitter user commented, 'Sorry for making this, but the song was screwed up before it even took off.'

The media reaction was, ' The new Space Force anthem proves that the Space Force is just a boring government agency, ' ' As (comedy filmmaker) Mel Brooks put it , ' For the Guardians who are forced to sing, it will inevitably be the most painful 30 seconds of their careers .'

The lyrics are also controversial. One Twitter user pointed out the lyrics 'day and night', 'There is no day or night in space.'

Also, Kevin Baron, editor-in-chief of military news site Defense One, commented, ``The tune is a fine march, but the lyrics are grammatically terrible. ``There is no word like Warfighter'' ``Boldly is a plagiarism from Star Trek'' ``There is a limit to the sky. It's a word salad that puts it into words.'

In addition, the US Space Force has previously adopted a uniform with a forest camouflage pattern, and has received tsukkomi, ``Why did you adopt a camouflage pattern even though there is no forest in space?''

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