What is the reason why the video explaining the history of RTA of 'Rockman 2' became 18 prohibited on YouTube?

YouTube requires creators to set

age restrictions on videos that are not suitable for viewers under the age of 18, and sometimes arbitrarily designates videos caught in the moderation system as 18 prohibited. YouTube channel Summoning Salt , which explains the history of RTA in games, posted a commentary video about the history of time attacks in the game `` Rockman 2 Dr. Wiley's Mystery (Mega Man 2) '' released in 1988, why YouTube It is said that it has been designated as 18 prohibited by.

YouTube age-restriction quagmire exposed by 78-minute Mega Man documentary [Updated] | Ars Technica

Summoning Salt has posted many videos explaining the history of RTA for various classic games, and the number of subscribers at the time of writing the article has reached 1.46 million. Rockman 2 Dr. Wily's mysterious RTA commentary video posted by Summoning Salt on September 18, 2022 is not particularly violent or sexual, but for some reason YouTube It is said that the age limit has been set from.

When trying to view ' The History of Mega Man 2 World Records ', if you are not logged in, the screen 'Please log in due to age restrictions' will be displayed.

The actual video is below. The 1 hour and 18 minute video explains what approaches and bugs many players used to challenge RTA, and there is no particular element that requires an age limit.

The History of Mega Man 2 World Records-YouTube

According to Summoning Salt, the video was age-restricted for 'excessive abuse' by YouTube's automated moderation system. It is said that the Twitch streamer's remarks used to explain the RTA included abusive language, and the number of times was 19 times in the 1 hour 18 minute video. However, when Summoning Salt used analytics tools to examine videos posted by other YouTube channels, it said it found some videos that were nearly twice as aggressive as those videos and were not age-restricted. I'm here.

In response to this report, YouTube's official Twitter account acknowledged that it was a mistake to put an age limit on the video, and said in a reply on September 22, 2022 that the age limit would be removed.

However, as mentioned above, the age limit of the video has not been lifted even at the time of article creation. When a video is age-restricted, not only can it be viewed only by users over the age of 18 who have registered an account, but also ads during video playback are restricted and recommended algorithms are disadvantaged, so videos are not profitable. It will be a big blow for creators who are getting.

Summoning Salt added, 'If YouTube doesn't want ads on videos with rants, that's perfectly fine.' You can do it,' he commented. Although he understands attempts to crack down on abusive language and prevent adverse effects on children, he expresses dissatisfaction with the fact that YouTube's guidelines are written in vague terms such as 'excessive abusive language', and has a clearer standard. I am complaining that I want you to set it.

Summoning Salt also appeared in the comment section of Ars Technica, a technology media, saying, ``If the guideline says, 'If there is an abusive language, set an age limit,' I will follow it and edit vulgar words. 'The problem is that YouTube enforces rules that are extremely inconsistent and completely illogical. The rules are not evenly applied.'

In addition, when Ars Technica contacted YouTube, a spokesperson replied that `` YouTube has correctly set an age limit for the video based on its vulgar language policy, '' but inconsistent models There was no response to a question about rations.

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