A project to attach a robot arm that wields a hatchet to a foliage plant to protect itself

Plants protect themselves by

various means such as poisonous substances and sharp thorns, but a project ' plant machete ' that adds a machete-like tool to this is open to the public.

plant machete — David Bowen

Watch Out, This Plant Can Cut You With a Machete

With the robot arm attached to the planter, you can see how the plant swings Nata in all directions from the following.

plant machete on Vimeo

It is Philodendron , a very common foliage plant, that swings the machete.

Electrodes are attached to the leaves to read the electrical noise flowing through the plant. And it is said that it is converted in real time to the movement of an industrial robot arm with a hatchet attached by self-made software.

The artist who created this system, David Bowen, told the IT news site Motherboard, ``A common houseplant protects itself with the same device used to destroy it. I wanted to know what would happen if I could do it.'

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