It turns out that the CIA is investing in 'high-tech companies aiming to revive mammoths', why on earth?

It turns out that the CIA, an American intelligence agency, is investing in a company that aims to revive mammoths and return them to the wild through a venture capital firm called In-Q-Tel.

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The CIA wants to bring woolly mammoths back from extinction | Live Science

CIA-funded investment firm In-Q-Tel updated its blog on Sept. 20, 2022 to highlight several companies making headway in the field of synthetic biology . . Among them is Colossal Biosciences , commonly known as Colossal, a biotechnology company that has received investments from In-Q-Tel.

Colossal's main business is to create mammoth-elephant hybrids by introducing woolly mammoth genes into elephant DNA sequences using a genome editing technology called CRISPR . With this, the company plans to have the first hybrid mammoths born by 2027 and release them into a nature park that recreates the Ice Age grasslands where mammoths roamed.

Polar regions such as the Arctic are losing ice at an alarming rate, and the Siberian tundra in particular is said to disappear within the next 500 years. By returning mammoths to the wild again in these areas and restoring the natural environment called ' mammoth grassland ', it is possible to counter global warming by reducing the temperature by up to 10 degrees.

Colossal also sees the resurrection of not only mammoths, but also the extinct big Australian carnivore, the thylacine , and the dodo , a flightless bird that once lived on the island of Mauritius.

It doesn't make much sense why the CIA investment firm, the intelligence agency, is backing this effort, called ' de-extinction ,' but In-Q-Tel said, 'Why would you be interested in a company like Colossal?' Strategically, the ability to resurrect it is more important than the mammoth.The next wave of advances in synthetic biology will advance our ability to make both form and function of organisms at the macro level. It will lead to the future, ”he explained, explaining that the purpose is to strengthen technological capabilities in the biotechnology field.

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