'OpenAI', which develops image generation AI 'DALL E', and 'Shutterstock', one of the largest photo materials and stock photos, have partnered to provide image generation functions to users within the next few months & authors of learning source materials to build a system to pay incentives to

In recent years, the development of AI that can generate images of your choice by inputting sentences and reference images is being actively developed, and among them, the picture output by the image generation AI wins a contest, placing aside the human drawing. And so on, social impact is starting to appear. Under these circumstances, the creation of rules for images output by AI is progressing rapidly, such as illustration posting sites around the world setting restrictions on the posting of illustrations generated by AI. Newly, ' Shutterstock ', one of the largest stock photo companies, has partnered with the AI research group ' OpenAI ', which is known for developing the image generation AI ' DALL E ', and added an AI image generation function to Shutterstock. announced. At the same time, the creation of a mechanism to reward content authors who have contributed to AI learning has also been announced.


The image generation AI 'DALL E' scheduled to be available at Shutterstock is an AI that can generate your favorite image by entering text. Anyone can use DALL E's image generation function with a web application published by OpenAI, but you need to purchase paid credits to execute image generation more than a certain number of times. The procedure for actually using DALL E is explained in detail in the following article.

Anyone can easily use the image generation AI 'DALL E', so I summarized the registration procedure and how to use it - GIGAZINE

Newly, Shutterstock announced on October 25, 2022 that it will strengthen its partnership with OpenAI to provide users with AI image generation functions. The AI image generation function will be introduced within the next few months, and users will be able to generate images using DALL E. In addition, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, said, ``The data provided by Shutterstock was essential for DALL E's learning.・I am excited to provide an image generation function using E,' he said, revealing that Shutterstock materials were used for learning DALL E.

Shutterstock also said, ``We believe that AI-generated content is the result of the efforts of artists contributing to the learning of AI. In order to develop this, we have built a mechanism to provide additional rewards to artists who have contributed to the learning of AI, and to compensate artists by paying royalties when their intellectual property is used. We are also aiming for it, ”he said, announcing the construction of a mechanism that will reward the creators of the content that AI learned from.

The development of image generation AI requires a large image dataset, but it has been pointed out that the dataset used for development contains images that are not intended for commercial use. There are also voices criticizing AI developers' disregard for copyright. It seems that attention will be focused on the impact of the mechanism Shutterstock will have on the rights of artists.

Experts are concerned that ``human painters have not received compensation for image generation AI,'' sharply explaining the problems left behind in the development of AI-GIGAZINE

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