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One day, Kanon Miyazono, who has a constitution that makes it hard to make friends, meets Norio Miyazono, a girl with the same surname as himself.
Rinne, who calls herself an android, messed up Kanon's daily life and suddenly stopped moving. Her deceased mother appears in front of the bewildered Kanon.
A flower garden interwoven with lilies and SF (science fiction) of girl and girl, love and destiny. There are still many secrets hidden behind it.

In Episode 4, various 'mysteries' that have been studded so far will be revealed. If you haven't seen the work yet, or if you forgot what kind of story it is, please check it from the first episode . Also, in the second half of this page, I tried to extract a suspicious depiction as ' the point I want you to see in the secret palace ', so if you want to look back quickly, please read the latest story after looking here .

Read Episode 1 'Loneliness, Beautiful Girls, and Androids'

Read Episode 2 'Attack and Invasion of Androids'

Read Episode 3 'Secret of Kanon and Rinne'

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Secret Palace Episode 4 (Part 1)

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◆ 'Secret Palace' Original / Drawing Profile
Original name: Sukoyaka

Drawing: Boru

◆What is the secret revealed in episode 4? Points to see in 'The Secret Palace'
From Episode 4 to Episode 5, the information that is the basis of the work will be revealed more and more. For those who say 'I don't know the work yet but want to enjoy it with the shortest route!', and for those who say 'I was following the serialization but forgot!'

One day, Kanon and Rion had a sudden encounter, 'falling from a tree and leaning against it.'

However, Rinne suddenly proposes to Kanon. At the same time, he makes a shocking confession, 'I'm an android, so I want you to become an android and spend time with me.' Confused, Kanon runs away, but Rinne attacks Kanon's daily life. Between episodes 1 and 2 where such a slapstick drama unfolds, I found a scene that caught my attention.

First, right after Kanon and Rinne meet, the 'government' who manages the android Rinne has a strange conversation with Rinne. Kanon and Rinne meet for the first time, but Rinne knew about Kanon, or had heard of it somewhere.

Also pay attention to the conversation between Rinne and her classmates in episode 2, when Rinne transferred to Kanon's school. Rinne's line, 'I met you in person for the first time yesterday,' seems to have some implications. Also, my classmates talk about their impressions of Kanon, such as 'When you get close to Kanon, he disappears' and 'If you become friends with Kanon, someone will watch you and you will have a nervous breakdown.'

Rinne invades not only Kanon's school, but also the student dormitory where Kanon lives. Episode 3 begins with a happy scene of Rinne, who can only be seen by humans, taking a bath together and sleeping in a futon.

However, such fun is short-lived, and Rinne stops moving as if sleeping in a futon. From episode 4, the mystery of why Rinne stopped moving and who is 'Momohana' who muttered just before Rinne stopped will be revealed.

Kanon arrives at the 'government' research facility with the stopped Rinne. There, for some reason, Kanon is revealed not about Rinne, but about Kanon.

The video message, passed on as a 'top secret', was from Kanon's mother, who passed away several years ago. Why is Kanon's mother's message passed from the 'government', and what is the truth about Kanon's birth that was rumored at school?

And in the second part of the fourth episode, which is scheduled to be released soon, Kanon, who knows the truth, goes to see Rinne again, and witnesses Rinne's appearance as an android, which was human-like to the end. Furthermore, in episode 5, Rinne's secret that Kanon heard is revealed. Please check out the first part of Episode 4 and look forward to it.

Please check out the 'Secret Palace' that will be moving further in the future!

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