'Katamari Hack' where you can play 'Katamari' on the web page

' Katamari Hack ' will be able to play the game '

Katamari ' of the game that creates huge lumps by rolling the lumps around and taking in objects of various sizes on the web page.

Katamari Hack

You can see what happens when you use 'Katamari Hack' in one shot by watching the following video.

'Katamari Hack' that you can play that 'Katamari' to collect objects on the web page - YouTube

How to use 'Katamari Hack' is easy, first access the distribution page and drag and drop the character link 'Katamari!' If the bookmark bar is not displayed, it is possible to make the bookmark bar appear at the bottom of the search bar with 'Ctrl' + 'Shift' + 'B' in Chrome and Firefox.

Then a button will be added to the bookmark bar, so click this.

Since the following window is displayed on the screen, the button used to move the lump ('Right-Click' if it is the default setting), Katamari Color (color of the lump), Max Attached Objects (to attach Set the maximum number of objects that can be created), Growth Speed, and click 'Start!' to start the game. You can fully enjoy the game with the default settings, but if there are problems with visibility, it would be nice to change the color of the lumps.

When you start the game, a mass (red frame part) that the player operates appears on the screen. After that, you can operate the lump by moving the mouse cursor while pressing the operation button. Things that can be captured by lumps are text surrounded by black frames on the screen. The size of the items also changes depending on the character size, etc., and it is a specification that is faithful to the original Katamari Soul, such as not being able to suddenly take in large items. In the background, the highly addictive main theme '

Katamo on the Rock ' is played repeatedly, so you can feel the Katamari soul even better.

'Katamari Hack' is a bookmarklet created by Alex Leone, David Nufer, and David Truong in the student hackathon 'Yahoo! HackU' held at the University of Washington in 2011. There is a short version based on CSS and a long version based on jQuery and kh.js.

However, neither of them work on many web pages at the time of writing the article, but they do work on the distribution page of 'Katamari Hack' and some websites, so when you start 'Katamari Hack' on various pages, Suddenly the game starts and it's fun.

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