How to delete phone numbers and email addresses that have been registered arbitrarily via someone else's address book even though you are not using Facebook or Instagram Summary

Users of Facebook and Instagram can find people they know who use the service by uploading their phone numbers and email addresses. However, since the consent of acquaintances is not required for uploading, there should be many users and non-users who have uploaded their contact information without their knowledge. Actually, there is a way to delete contacts that have been uploaded without permission like this.

Please let us know what contact information you would like to find

To do so, visit the ' Tell us what contact information you'd like to find ' page, also mentioned in the source above. Then, select one type of contact you want to delete from 'mobile phone number', 'fixed phone number', 'email address' and click 'Next'. Note that if there are multiple contacts you want to delete, you will need to perform the procedure multiple times.

The display when the mobile phone number is selected is as follows. In this case, then enter your mobile phone number and select an app to search for that number. There are two options for apps, 'Facebook and Messenger' and 'Instagram', and you can choose more than one. After selecting, click 'Next'.

Here, the verification code will be sent to the number you entered, so check it.

Enter the authentication code on the page and click 'Next'.

If the number is registered with each service, you will see 'This number was found' as shown below. Click Go if you want to remove this number and block future uploads.

You have successfully sent the deletion request. It will be deleted from the address book database in the future. Landline phone numbers and email addresses can also be deleted using the same steps as above.

In the help center of Meta, which operates Facebook and Instagram, regarding the handling of personal information of non-users, it is written that ``We will acquire the name, mobile phone number, and email address in the contact information uploaded by the user.'' In addition to using it for the purpose of investigating suspicious activity on Meta products and keeping the platform safe, we will retain it to provide the contact import function and share it with other

Meta group companies . . It also states that, for legal reasons, it is necessary to keep contact information for a longer period of time, including after a request for erasure has been made.

Information for non-Meta users | Facebook Help Center

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