I found a recipe that can easily make royal milk tea in just a few minutes in the microwave, so I actually made it Review

When you try to make authentic royal milk tea, you tend to feel troublesome because there are many troublesome processes such as boiling the tea leaves in a pot and paying attention to temperature control. A recipe for making such royal milk tea so that you can easily enjoy the taste of black tea was introduced on JA Zennoh's

official Twitter account , so I actually made it.

The only ingredients needed to make Royal Milk Tea are black tea bags, milk, and boiling water. For this tea bag, we chose a type that does not use a stapler. Please note that tea bags with staples cannot be used in the microwave.

First, put a tea bag in a cup and pour boiling water over it.

The amount of boiling water is enough to soak the tea bag.

After pouring boiling water, wait 1 minute to open the tea leaves.

After 1 minute, pour in the milk.

Then heat it in the microwave. This time I tried heating with the 'milk warming mode' of the microwave oven.

When the heating is over, remove the tea bag and you're done.

When you drink it, you can feel not only the scent of black tea but also the taste. You can enjoy the gentle sweetness of the milk and the gorgeous aroma of the black tea at the same time, so it is recommended when you want to relax.

I've had success with Darjeeling, so I'll try making it with Earl Gray next time.

The method is the same as the first time. First, soak the tea bag in hot water and wait for 1 minute.

Then pour in the milk and heat it up and you're done.

When I drank it, I enjoyed the refreshing scent and aftertaste compared to the royal milk tea made with Darjeeling. You can make different flavors of royal milk tea just by changing the type of tea bag.

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