Twitter has made it possible to purchase authenticated badges, and a large number of fake accounts that pretend to be official are occurring

On November 10, 2022, Twitter, which was acquired by Elon Musk, released `` New Twitter Blue '' where you can buy authenticated badges as one of the measures to improve profitability. This has made it possible for anyone to purchase a verified badge, and it has been reported that the number of 'impersonating accounts that have purchased a verified badge' has increased sharply.

Fake verified posts on Twitter are getting way more serious | Mashable

For a long time, Twitter has adopted a blue check mark called a 'certified badge' to easily identify the official Twitter accounts of celebrities and companies. However, after Twitter was acquired by Mr. Elon Musk, Mr. Mask immediately mentioned that he would prepare for a ``new plan that allows the purchase of authenticated badges'' to improve Twitter's profitability. And on November 10th, we will release “New Twitter Blue” where you can buy authenticated badges. As a result, anyone could acquire an authenticated badge by paying 1200 yen per month.

Elon Mask officially released 'New Twitter Blue' where you can buy a certified badge for 1200 yen per month, and the gray official check mark will be immediately abolished - GIGAZINE

After it became possible to purchase authenticated badges, accounts such as 'getting authenticated badges and posting fake sports news' appeared, but it seems that these kinds of accounts disappeared soon. Instead, there are a large number of accounts that acquire authenticated badges and impersonate companies, political organizations, politicians, celebrities, etc. An example of a post by an impersonation account that has acquired a verified badge is as follows.

An account impersonating American pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly & Co. tweeted, ``I'm happy to announce that insulin is now free,'' and an account impersonating the lobbyist group America-Israel Public Affairs Committee . tweeted ``We love apartheid,'' an account impersonating food company Chiquita tweeted, ``We overthrew the Brazilian government,'' and masqueraded as Elon Musk's electric car maker Tesla. The account tweeted 'Breaking news: The second Tesla crashed into the World Trade Center building,' and the content is often malicious to say jokes.

Chiquita's official Twitter account posted an apology tweet saying, 'We apologize to those who received misleading messages from Chiquita's fake account. We have not overthrowed the government since 1954.' doing. However, the tweet was deleted at the time of article creation.

An account ``@LockheedMartini'' impersonating Lockheed Martin said, ``We are suspending all arms sales to Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States pending further investigation into human rights abuses. ' Tweeted, and an account impersonating American Girl , a doll maker for children, tweeted, 'Luckily I own a slave.'

In addition, Pepsi's impersonation account tweeted that 'Coca-Cola is better.'

Nestlé's impersonation account tweeted, 'We steal your water and sell you water (laughs).'

In addition, an account impersonating politician Ted Cruz tweeted, ``When I first entered a human wife, I groaned in her ear, ``This is exactly what my mother said.'' doing.

Many of the tweets from these impersonated accounts are political, so ``Imagine the damage that tweets from impersonated accounts can do to elections. However, it may have a very serious impact on the future of Mr. Mask and Twitter,' wrote Mashable of overseas media.

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