What is the appearance method of the unofficial ported version of the original Microsoft Flight Simulator released 40 years ago being adopted as an Easter egg by the head family?

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a flight simulation developed by Microsoft, and is a long-established game series that will celebrate exactly 40 years since the first release in 2022. Physicist and software engineer

Sebastian Macke is developing `` FSHistory '', which is a port of the early four works of Microsoft Flight Simulator so that it can be played in the browser, but this ``FSHistory'' is the original Microsoft Flight Simulator. Adopted as an Easter egg.

GitHub - s-macke/FSHistory: Play and Enjoy the History of Microsoft Flight Simulator

My project is now an easter egg in Microsoft Flight Simulator | Hacker News

FSHistory can be played from the following.

The History of Microsoft Flight Simulator

By clicking the title name in the lower right, you can switch the games that can be played. Below is Flight Simulator 1.0, which was released for Apple II version in 1979 and for IBM-PC version in 1982. Since the Apple II version was released before the development company SubLOGIC was acquired by Microsoft, the history of 'Microsoft Flight Simulator' begins with the IBM-PC version in 1982 licensed to Microsoft.

Flight Simulator 2.0 released in May 1984. It was released on IBM-PC and MS-DOS, Atari ST, Amiga, PC9800 and others.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 3.0 released in 1988. From this version 3, 'Microsoft' is added to the sales title. It is the first to support EGA resolution, which can display up to 640 x 350 pixels and up to 16 colors simultaneously, and features a colorful screen. Also, the big point is that you can change the camera angle.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0, released in 1989, added features such as randomly switching weather, adjusting flight characteristics, and creating experimental airplanes. Also, many extensions have appeared that can add planes and enhance images and music.

According to Mr. Macke, this FSHistory is developed in C and emulates the functions of Intel

8086 , Intel 80286 , and Intel 80386 . FSHistory is fully controllable with mouse and keyboard, and can even be played from your smartphone.

And in August 2020, ' Microsoft Flight Simulator ', which was released as the first new series in 10 years for PC and Xbox Series X / S, released a large update 'Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition' to commemorate the 40th anniversary. and this FSHistory was recorded as an Easter egg.

The conditions for the Easter egg are very simple. First, select Diamond DA62 as the aircraft to board

Since it is necessary to operate the panel of the cockpit, stop it on the runway.

Switch your view to the cockpit and flip up the

ELT switch in the co-pilot's seat to turn it on. Then FSHistory will appear on the left monitor.

You can see how FSHistory is actually played in Microsoft Flight Simulator in the following movie.

Easter egg where you can play the original Microsoft Flight Simulator with Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)-YouTube

In addition, it seems that Mr. Macke did not know that FSHistory will be adopted as an easter egg for Microsoft Flight Simulator, saying, 'Is this a copy of my project? Download Microsoft Flight Simulator, jump on DA62 and press the button I tried it, and this was a copy of my project. said.

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