A developer who was forced to update the application for two weeks on Google Play expressed anger

Daniel Reed, co-founder and lead developer of a

SaaS company that provides management software for fitness studios, spent two weeks with the Google Play team updating apps that appear on the Google Play store . I look back on my response in my blog.

Nothing has ever angered me more than The Google Play Team

Mr. Reid was asked by Google to update the version of the software development kit , otherwise it would be impossible to find the application in the Google Play store. Mr. Read said that he had updated the same application many times and received approval so far.

On the day I updated about 100 apps, I received 7 rejection notices, even though they all used the same code. The reason for the rejection is that the app contains user-generated content (UGC), and we need the ability to block and report the content. Therefore, Mr. Reed said that he filed an objection to the Google Play team.

Two days later, I received an email from Mr. Anthony of the Google Play team saying, ``As a result of re-examining the application, it was confirmed that the application does not comply with the Google Play policy.'' Mr. Reid replied to an email carefully explaining that 'the app does not contain unnecessary user-generated content' and 'the app complies with Google Play policies'.

However, there was no reply to Mr. Read's email, and on the fifth day, Mr. Anthony repeatedly sent the same email. Mr. Reed wonders, 'Isn't the response staff being replaced by AI?' So Mr. Reed briefly summarized and sent 'the pointed content does not contain user-generated content'.

On the 7th day, Mr. Anthony sent an email saying, 'I strongly recommend that you check the e-learning course on user-generated content.' Mr. Read, who felt frustrated that the message did not contain useful information at all, sent an email with content such as ``Is it human?'' and ``I want you to contact someone who can respond.''

On the ninth day, when a message was sent stating that ``I cannot provide further details or a better answer to your question,'' Reid realized that Anthony was useless, and

Google I contacted Play Console support. Also, when I selected the 'Call' option and the 'Live Chat' option, I was unable to use it.

On the 13th day, four days after that, there was no contact from Mr. Anthony, and instead a notification was sent that the app would be deleted from the Google Play store because it did not comply with the policy. On the other hand, it became possible to have a live chat with Mr. Demz, the support of the Google Play Console, but as a result the situation did not change. The image below shows the app removal notification sent to Reed's Google Play Console.

Mr. Reed lists three options left: 'wait for a reply from Mr. Anthony', 'add functions to the app and reapply', and 'give up on the Android app'. Also, in announcing the circumstances of this time, ``While dealing with both Apple and Google, I got so angry about being a developer that I had no choice but to write this article.'' says.

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