Authorities request suspension of use of Onewheel, a single-wheeled electric skateboard that killed four people in an accident

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has asked consumers to immediately stop using all models of Onewheel , a single-wheel electric skateboard that allows you to move by simply riding on the board and balancing. . According to the CPSC, at least four people died in Onewheel accidents between 2019 and 2021, and various other serious injuries were reported.

CPSC Warns Consumers to Stop Using Onewheel Self-Balancing Electric Skateboards Due to Ejection Hazard; At Least Four Deaths and Multiple Injuries Reported | Least-Four-Deaths-and-Multiple-Injuries-Reported

Future Motion Refuses to Recall Self-Balancing Skateboards After Four Deaths - CNET

Stop Using Onewheel Self-Balancing Skateboards, CPSC Warns

``Onewheel'', developed by the American company Future Motion, began general sales in 2015 as a single-wheel electric skateboard that anyone can easily ride. Since then, Future Motion has released multiple models, with some models reaching a maximum speed of 16 to 19 miles (about 25 to 30 km). The price at the time of article creation is about 1050 dollars to 2200 dollars (about 146,000 yen to 307,000 yen).

``Onewheel'' electric skateboard that anyone can easily operate with a maximum speed of 20km - GIGAZINE

Onewheel was popular as an easy and thrilling ride, but in August 2022, a defect was found in the foot pad of the Onewheel GT model, and CPSC and Future Motion collaborated to announce a recall . Normally, the board automatically stops when the foot pad senses that the rider has dismounted, but due to a malfunction in the Onewheel GT, the board continues to move even after the rider has dismounted, creating a risk of injury to people nearby. This was because it was recognized that there was.

However, in a statement on November 16, the CPSC advised consumers to stop using all Onewheel, Onewheel+, Onewheel+XR, Onewheel Pint, Onewheel Pint X, and Onewheel GT models due to the risk of death and serious injury. Did.

The CPSC says the accident occurred when the Onewheel lost its balance or stopped suddenly while in motion, resulting in death or injury to the rider who was thrown from the vehicle. At least four fatal accidents occurred between 2019 and 2021, and the cause of death was head trauma. Additionally, injuries such as traumatic brain injury, concussion, paralysis, fractures, and ligament damage have been reported in serious accidents. CPSC asked for a product recall, but Future Motion refused the recall. “The CPSC will continue to pursue consumer recalls,” the statement said.

Future Motion refutes this statement by the CPSC, calling it an ``unfair and alarmist allegation.''


Future Motion says, 'Safety is at the core of Future Motion's business. We built safety into our boards from our first model and have continually improved safety over the next five generations we brought to market.' The company said it investigated the board that had suddenly stopped working, but found no underlying technical problem. And if a technical issue is found, like the Onewheel GT it recalled in August, it is willing to work with the CPSC.

Additionally, all board sports involve the risk of crashes and injuries, and Future Motion consistently emphasizes the importance of riders wearing safety equipment and riding within their abilities. “The Onewheel is not dangerous when operated in accordance with common sense and safe riding practices common to all board sports. 'We believe there is no such thing,' Future Motion said.

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