Danbooru's tag list useful for drawing illustrations with image generation AI 'NovelAI' 'Waifu Diffusion' Summary

The image generation AIs '

NovelAI ' and ' Waifu Diffusion ' learn from a dataset composed of images from the overseas two-dimensional illustration site 'Danbooru.' Furthermore, since the tags attached to works in Danbooru function as prompts, it is easier to output the image you are looking for with higher accuracy than inputting ordinary sentences. Such Danbooru tags are organized within Danbooru.

Tag Groups Wiki | Danbooru

The tags attached to Danbooru will help you search for illustrations according to how they are painted, composition, and situation. In the case of datasets, instead of just learning images, it is necessary to tag ``what elements the image has'', so by using Danbooru's search tags as they are, each image can be manually processed. You can omit the trouble of checking and tagging with .

The tags indicating Image Composition are as follows.

Tag Group:Image Composition Wiki | Danbooru

Click on each item to see a description and examples of that tag. For example, ' Fisheye ', which is an ultra-wide angle and has a curved perspective, looks like this.

Illustrations that look like they are taken with a camera, such as selfies and hidden shots, are '

viewfinder '

The composition that draws 60 to 70% of the whole body without intentionally drawing the knees and thighs is '

cropped legs ', but it is clearly distinguished from the composition ' cowboy shot ' where the thighs and the bottom are outside the frame. It is said that there is.

And the tag of 'locations', which is the stage of the illustration, is as follows.

Tag Group:Locations Wiki | Danbooru


'Bedroom' is one of the places that are often drawn in illustrations, but there are also tags such as ' hotelroom', 'otakuroom ' and ' messy room ' which are more detailed than bedroom . Below is the page of 'messyroom'.

'Convenience store' is a familiar convenience store in Japan. The page also introduced tags such as '7-Eleven', 'Daily Yamazaki' and 'FamilyMart'.

In addition, there are tags for stages with strong fictional elements such as '

spacecraft interior '.

The 'Attire' worn by the character is summarized below.

Tag Group:Attire Wiki | Danbooru


A crop top is a half top. The definition of a half-top is ``a T-shirt, tank top, blouse, etc., with the lower part of the chest cut short to expose the abdomen, pit, navel, etc. Sometimes the lower milk is also exposed.'' increase.


bloomers ' is a type of underwear worn by women that resembles boxer shorts. They are often decorated.' In other words, they are drawers . In Japanese, bloomers is originally ``Buruma'' as it is, but it is clearly distinguished from ``Buruma'' in Japan.

Bloomers in Japan are '

buruma '.

Below is the place where I actually had NovelAI output with '1girl, crop top, buruma, otakuroom, cowboy shot'. 'otakuroom' was not reflected very much, resulting in a drab background, but the rest of the output was mostly as per the tag.

And the result output by Waifu Diffusion v1.3 is as follows. 512x512 pixels could cut my head off, so Prompto added 'fullbody' to '1girl,crop top,buruma,otakuroom,cowboy shot', number of steps 150, sampler Euler_a, CFG scale 7, seed Generated with value 4148109763. Far from cutting the head, the entire top from the neck was cut, but it seemed that the clothes were reflected to some extent.

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