Due to Earon Mask, Twitter's copyright infringement warning system is broken and it is possible to upload the whole movie

Starting around November 20, 2022, Twitter's copyright infringement warning system is reportedly not working. The reason why the copyright infringement warning system has stopped working is that the department in charge has run out of manpower due to the forcible personnel reduction by Mr. Elon Mask, who acquired Twitter.

Twitter's copyright strike system appears to be broken. - The Verge

Full-length movies are being uploaded on Twitter with little oversight | Mashable

Twitter Users Share Full Movies As Copyright Strike System Breaks

Twitter's Broken Its Copyright Strike System, Users Are Uploading Full Movies

The overseas media The Verge first reported that Twitter's copyright infringement warning system was not working. According to reports, the full movie of ' Fast and Furious X3 TOKYO DRIFT ' has been uploaded in about 2 minutes, and the 2-minute video has been tweeted about 50 times, so you can watch the full movie. It seems that I was able to do it. However, the account that posted this video was frozen at the time of writing the article , and the movie can no longer be viewed.

According to overseas media Mashable, the tweet was deleted at the time of writing the article, but the video was available for viewing for a long time.

Also, since it became clear that Twitter's copyright infringement warning system is not working, other abandoned accounts have uploaded full movies and TV shows, and the tweets have not been deleted at the time of article creation. There are also multiple things. Examples of movies and TV programs that have been uploaded include ' Need for Speed', ' Heisei Kamen Rider 20th Anniversary Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER ', ' SpongeBob', and ' Mobius '.

In addition, Twitter's copyright policy states as follows, and until now, tweets that infringe copyright have been deleted immediately.

Twitter does not accept claims that copyrighted images have been used as profile or header images without permission, or that copyrighted videos or images have been uploaded and used without permission through Twitter's media hosting services. We will respond to allegations of copyright infringement, including Tweets containing links to allegedly infringing content.

Despite this, the video remains undeleted because Elon Musk, who bought Twitter, dismissed half of his employees and 4,400 contract employees, and Mr. Musk's remarks are wrong. The media reported that the cause was the dismissal of a Twitter employee who pointed out that he had dismissed about 20 employees who criticized Mr. Mask on internal Slack . .

In addition, Mashable points out that Twitter may be subject to legal action due to the increase in copyright infringing content on Twitter, and TheGamer said that with the opening of the World Cup, more copyright infringing content points out the possibility that will be uploaded on Twitter.

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