A huge monster goldfish with a weight of 30 kg is caught


Bluewater Lakes

A 67-pound (about 30 kg) fish, one of the largest fish ever caught in a French lake. Nicknamed 'Carrot,' this giant fish is reported to have struggled for as long as 25 minutes before being caught.

Giant 67-pound goldfish reeled in from French lake may be one of the largest ever caught | Live Science

This time, a huge 'goldfish' was caught at a fish farm called 'Blue Water Lake' in the Champagne region in the northeastern part of France. Angler Andy Hackett, who caught the carrot after 25 minutes of bargaining, said, ``Ordinary fish are hard to find underwater, but carrots are bright orange so you won't miss them.'' rice field.

You can also see how Mr. Hackett is holding a carrot from the following video.

Angler catches one of the world's biggest goldfish-YouTube

Carrot is a carp and kawagoi hybrid that was released into the pond 20 years ago. In other words, although it is called a goldfish because of its goldfish-like color, it is actually a carp.

Just because it's easy to find doesn't mean it's easy to catch, but according to Hackett, 'It's a very difficult fish to catch, with few people catching it.' Mr. Hackett released his catch so that other anglers could try it.

As an example of the discovery of a genuine giant goldfish, a goldfish with a length of 1.5 feet (about 45 cm) and a weight of 4.2 pounds (about 2 kg) was captured by researchers in Lake

Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the United States in 2013. is mentioned.

by Heather Segale

Goldfish in captivity don't get this big, but goldfish are tough fish that have been reported to live for 25 years in the wild and 5 months without oxygen. Goldfish can live in environments with little oxygen because they have the ability to breathe in a process like brewer's yeast fermentation that converts carbohydrates to alcohol. In addition to these abilities, goldfish are also highly fertile, so when goldfish are released into the wild, they quickly drive out native species.

Therefore, the official Twitter account of Burnsville, Minnesota, which has Keller Lake Park in the city, said, ``Please do not release pet goldfish into ponds and lakes. It will make things worse,” he said.

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