McDonald's ``Fluffy Egg Rich Demi Gracolo'' Tasting Review with Fluffy Eggs and Rich Demi Sauce Best Match with Gracoro

From November 30, 2022 (Wednesday), the new `` Fluffy Egg Rich Demi Gracoro '' has been added to the classic `` Gracoro '' series as McDonald's winter menu. I bought it at McDonald's and tried it because I was worried about the scrambled egg-like filling with a rich egg and buttery texture and a rich demi sauce with a beef flavor.

Introducing the new product 'Fluffy Egg Rich Demi Gracoro' that gently wraps the winter cold with fluffy eggs! Limited time sale from November 30 (Wednesday) | McDonald's official

Arrived at McDonald's.

At the store, the appearance of the new Gracoro was appealing.

I bought 'Fuwatoro egg rich Demi Gracoro' and came back.

Below is the place where the wrapping paper was opened.

Ingredients are scrambled egg-style filling, demi sauce, gratin croquette, cabbage, and egg sauce.

The scrambled egg-style filling has a mellow taste with a buttery flavor, and it goes well with the demi sauce, which has a rich beef flavor. When the gentle taste of fluffy eggs spreads in your mouth, the hot gratin comes out from the crispy croquette and you can't help but take a break, so you can eat it in the season when it gets cold. I felt that it was a burger that I wanted.

``Fluffy egg rich demigracolo'' can be ordered from McDonald's nationwide from November 30, 2022 (Wednesday), and the price is 420 yen including tax.

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