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A teaser video and visuals of the latest work 'Kimi no Iro' by Naoko Yamada, who works on hits such as the movie 'K-ON!'

``Your Color'' Super Teaser PV-YouTube

The outline of the work looks like the following.

I can see people's hearts in 'color'
Totsuko, a high school girl who attends a mission school in Nagasaki City, sees people's emotions as 'colors.'
Happy colors, sad colors, calm colors, frightened colors...
In order not to darken the 'color' of friends and family, they are careful, read the atmosphere, and tell lies to cover up the situation.
Totsuko finds herself in a second-hand bookstore in a corner of the city, and ends up forming a band with a girl with beautiful colors and a boy who loves music.
Three people who are too sensitive gather and begin to play youth--

Comment from director Naoko Yamada:
'Kimi no Iro' started from my desire to depict the outside and inside of a person, and each shape that is created from that.
People will surely move in the direction they are facing at that time, and I think that it will be possible whether it is forward or backward, but if possible, I would like to move forward.
I would like to depict the soft and powerful steps of the main characters who resonate with each other through music.
Their story written by Mr. Yoshida is very gentle and very charming.
The friction that occurs when you worry or try to change something is a very important growth pain for opening up the future, and I think that pain will become the color that each person emits. is.
What kind of world of colors awaits when many colors meet and mix?
I would like to draw a story like a palette that mixes paints, or a prism that collects and disperses light.
Thank you very much.

The script is written by Reiko Yoshida, who worked with Director Yamada on 'K-ON!'

Comment from Reiko Yoshida:
For 'Kimi no Iro', I received a memo from Director Yamada saying, 'I want to do this, I want to draw this kind of children,' and I started writing the script from there.
'The Girl Who Can See Color' was Yamada's idea, and I thought it was very cinematic and interesting.
Yamada's work has the feeling that the characters timidly stretch out their hands and open the door, and this time I also valued that feeling. The world there and myself. The reality that exists there and myself. I wrote it while being conscious of discovering fun, love, and vitality in things that hurt and hurt when touched. I am very much looking forward to the delicate heart pattern and the direction of the director who is close to it.
In a way, 'Kimi no Iro' is like going back to the starting point, and while it's a culmination of what I've done so far, I think it's going to be a work that can take a new step forward.
Depending on how the light hits it, it may look darker or lighter, but I think everyone has their own 'color'. I would be happy if the people who watched it became a movie that could feel the love of each 'color'.
It's new.

In addition, the music will be handled by Kensuke Ushio of 'Chainsaw Man', 'Heike Monogatari', 'Movie Sound Shape' and 'DEVILMAN crybaby'.

Director: Naoko Yamada
Script: Reiko Yoshida
Music: Kensuke Ushio
Planning/Producing: STORY inc.
Production/Producer: Science SARU
Production: 'Your Color' Production Committee

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