White supremacist and notorious neo-Nazi Twitter account revived, immediately defending hate speech

For the first time in about 10 years since Andrew Anglin's Twitter account, known for running the site ' Daily Stormer ' where American far-right and white supremacists gather, was banned immediately after launching the site. It was resurrected. This is seen as part of efforts by Twitter CEO Elon Musk to revive 'free speech', and Anglin is an American who declares his love for Hitler and the Nazis shortly after returning to Twitter. Show your support for the rapper.

Elon Musk Just Let A Notorious Neo-Nazi Troll Back On Twitter | HuffPost Latest News

Elon Musk's Twitter is beginning to take shape

Elon Musk just brought an infamous neo-Nazi back to Twitter TechCrunch

When Mr. Anglin revived his Twitter account, ``I deleted all the old posts on the account. Instead of being banned, the fact that I am me will be banned, ”claiming the legitimacy of reviving the account. Since returning to Twitter, Anglin has expressed his support for the American rapper, who changed his name from Kanye West and is now known as Ye. In addition to declaring his love for Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, Mr. Ye claims that 'the German dictator is a cool man' and denies that Hitler massacred 6 million Jews during the Holocaust. Such activities are creating uproar.

In early December 2022, Ye tweeted an image of the Nazi Nazi Hakenkreuz inside the Star of David, which symbolizes the Jewish people. Mr. Mask suspended Mr. Ye's Twitter account. Although the temporary suspension was lifted in about an hour, Mr. Ye's account was completely suspended because Mr. Ye did not stop his violent behavior even after discussions including direct exchanges.

Anglin responded to Ye's account suspension, ``It's not a big deal to say you love Hitler.No one cares about it too much.Hitler is a person who died 80 years ago.'' He tweeted on the day of his return to Twitter and expressed a critical opinion on Mr. Mask's response.

American liberal media Huff Post points out that Mr. Anglin's stance is ``a mysterious stance that clearly cares about Hitler, but does not emphasize Hitler in Mr. Ye's defense''. In the past, Mr. Anglin said, 'The goal of the alt-right movement , which strengthens conservatism by supporting Donald Trump during the presidential candidacy, is to ethnically cleanse non-whites from white nations and establish an authoritarian government.' He said that the far -right rally 'Unite the Light ' that occurred in 2017 was 'every intelligent person in history hated Jews' 'Adolf Hitler. The most lied in history He makes radical remarks such as inciting headlines such as 'Man', which HuffPost describes as 'a straight quote from the notorious dictator's playbook.'

Anglin wrote on Twitter, ``I am a victim of mass spam. Past comments that have taken me to court are nothing more than misinterpreted jokes. 'People who ruthlessly interpreted the joke spammed me with death threats and claimed I deserved to be killed.'

Some research teams have reported that 'hate speech is increasing at an unprecedented level on Twitter' in connection with the revival of accounts due to Mr. Mask's 'freedom of speech' policy. Mr. Musk has argued that it is 'completely false,' but there are also moves by advertisers to refrain from posting due to the increase in hate speech.

Researchers report that Twitter's hate speech is rapidly increasing after the acquisition of Elon Mask, Mr. Mask refutes as 'totally false' - GIGAZINE

Anglin and other extremist activists have raised concerns about their return to Twitter, with some saying, 'Unbelievably, Twitter now says I'm following neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin. We recommend that you

According to NBC News, not only Mr. Anglin but also hundreds of right-wing activist accounts and Q Anon supporters' accounts of conspiracy theories and political movements advocated by the extreme right have been restored. On the other hand, multiple left-wing accounts were banned at the same time, and Yoel Roth, former head of trust and safety at Twitter, said, ``What rules do Twitter users have to suspend and revive their accounts? I don't know and I'm plagued by ambiguity,' he commented.

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