When I posted a video using a CC licensed movie on YouTube, an unrelated company complained of copyright infringement and it was deleted


Blender Foundation , a development organization for the open source 3DCG software `` Blender '', has released various movies made with Blender under the Creative Commons License (CC License), which allows the sharing and use of works. When I used a short animation movie released under Blender's CC license as a material and uploaded the video to YouTube, a situation occurred in which a completely unrelated company complained to YouTube that it was a copyright infringement and was deleted.

Company 'Hijacks' Blender's CC BY-Licensed Film, YouTube Strikes User (Update) * TorrentFreak

The Blender Foundation provides Blender help and training courses in an open environment, and CC-licensed films such as Big Buck Bunny and Sintel . Ton Rosenthal, founder and chairman of the Blender Foundation, said: 'Open licensing is essential for sharing films and their material. CC BY and CC 0 allow our material collection to be used in other projects. It is.”

Bruno Fernandez Ruiz, co-founder and chief technology officer at AI self-driving company Nexar and independent film score composer, said that when posting music to YouTube, the Blender Foundation will release it under a CC license. I was using a movie that was used as a video material. However, when I uploaded a video containing a part of Blender's animated short film ' Caminandes 3: Llamigos ', I received a notice from YouTube that 'the video has been deleted because the rights holder filed a copyright infringement claim'. thing.

The alleged copyright infringement was filed by a Uzbekistan-based news company called ZO'R TV , which has nothing to do with Blender. It seems that the claim was not due to automatic detection by content ID, but a manual formal claim was made.

According to the notice, the video posted by Mr. Lewis was alleged to have infringed the copyright by duplicating the part from 6 minutes 21 seconds to 8 minutes 26 seconds from the following video released by ZO'R TV in 2018. rice field. However, in the first place, ZO'R TV's video is only broadcasting 'Caminandes 3: Llamigos', which was released under a CC license, and does not have the right to claim copyright infringement.

Nahori nashta 9-soni (26.02.2018)-YouTube

In addition, the original 'Caminandes 3: Llamigos' can be seen on YouTube in its entirety.

Caminandes 3: Llamigos-YouTube

According to the established procedure, Mr. Lewis filed an objection to YouTube, saying that ZO'R TV was not the copyright owner of the original video content and that the deletion of the video was an error. However, there is a risk in the objection, such as the answer that YouTube cannot process it because the information is insufficient, and that the objection may notify Mr. Lewis' name to ZO'R TV. I have been told that there is.

Accepting the risk, Mr. Lewis filed an objection again, and although he did not point out that the information was incomplete, the restoration of the video was still not permitted. YouTube told Lewis, ``According to the information you provided, it appears that you do not have the necessary rights to post content on YouTube. I replied.

Mr. Lewis is dissatisfied with the series of YouTube responses, saying, ``I feel that manual reviewers respect'copyright' in a strange way.The reviewers ignored the license,'' YouTube CC Alleged a lack of understanding and proper training about licenses. Although a lawsuit may solve the problem, a mere composer cannot afford such litigation costs, and complains that YouTube's copyright infringement complaint process is asymmetric.

Mr. Lewis also sent an email to Mr. Ton Rosenthal of the Blender Foundation to report this matter. 'Thank you for letting us know about the situation. It's very sad that YouTube doesn't even check the license of the content and disrespects people who contribute to free culture and creative commons,' said Rosenthal. However, he said that Blender did not have the personnel to deal with this problem, and advised that things could progress by notifying the Creative Commons organization.

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