What is the 'most popular non-vehicle part' that Volkswagen manufactures 7 million pieces a year?

Volkswagen , an automobile manufacturer established in 1937, is developing various automobiles such as popular cars such as ' Beetle ', hydrogen cars and cars with automatic driving function . However, it seems that there are 'parts not related to cars' that sell more than cars depending on the year.

Volkswagen Originaltail - Gastro Obscura

The part in question is ' part number 199-398-500-A ' and is simply a sausage. It is a kind called ' currywurst ' that is traditionally made in Germany and is mainly served in Volkswagen's employee cafeteria.

The 199-398-500-A has a long history, dating back to 1973. In this year, Volkswagen began manufacturing sausages at its headquarters factory in Wolfsburg, Germany, and served as one of the employee cafeteria menus, whole or chopped, with Volkswagen's curry-flavored ketchup. It seems that I have come to do it.

As of 2022, 30 kitchen staff trained in meat cooking are making 18,000 sausages every day. Other than the employee cafeteria, they are also shipped to dealers and given to customers who purchase cars.

It produces more sausages than the Beetle, and in 2015 and 2017 it surpassed Volkswagen's car production. The recipe is a 'trade secret'.

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