``Collaboration roles'' that can assign roles to Discord based on conditions such as ``played games'' and ``game history''

Discord has a lot of functions for linking with other services. For example, by linking with PlayStation Network, you can display your game activity on your profile, and by linking with Spotify, you can listen to music with your friends. I can do it. This function has been further expanded, and information such as how long you use the partner service and how much you have achieved with the service is automatically obtained and can now be displayed as a profile.

Make Your Connection: Connected Accounts Get a Huge Functionality Boost


The animation published by the Discord official YouTube channel explains in an easy-to-understand manner what this 'collaboration role' function is.

Access more places with Connections & Linked Roles-YouTube

Frog Phibi is checking the profile of Mallow who applied for a friend, saying, 'Friend applicants, let me show you my hands.'

Mollow with a fearless look for some reason, 'Show me your hands?'

The profile screen shows a glorious activity history, such as ``played 62 visual novel games that make you cry'', ``99% of the feedback is positive'', and ``uploaded 13 songs''.

Phibi is so surprised by this profile screen that his eyes pop out.

Mollow calmly replies to the surprised Phibi, 'Are you talking about external linkage services and linkage roles?'

It explains like a game that `` special effects are activated with linked accounts '', but in short, you can call and display the details of linked services from your account. For example, if you link with a painting sales site, Discord will call up the information on the sales site and be a 'verified art seller' with 'art work sales history', 'more than 100 followers', and 'positive feedback of 98%'. is shown, making it easier to enter the art sales channel.

When Phibi who should have been surprised displays the profile, it is exactly the same as Mollow. 'It's like a rival has appeared,' he said for some reason.

Mollow has accepted a friend request from Phibi.

Linking with external services is done on the 'Connection' tab on the profile editing screen.

There are 18 external services that can be linked at the time of article creation.

Once linked, the activity history of each service will be displayed on the profile screen like this.

In addition, it is not just a function that allows you to simply check the activity results, but it is possible to set detailed conditions, such as requesting cooperation with a specific account when participating in a channel. It will help moderators by making it easier to build 'channels that only people who have played a specific game can join'.

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