Distribute automatically generated images by AI of characters such as Disney, Nintendo, Marvel, etc. that are strict in copyright to protest against image generation AI

Image generation AIs such as Stable Diffusion and Midjourney are subject to debate due to the problem that the images contained in the datasets used during learning are collected without regard to copyright. In order to protest such image generation AI, it has become a hot topic that some people have dared to generate images of characters that are strict on copyrights such as Disney and Nintendo and question them.

Deniz Opal: 'Well this has come to a head. …' - vmst io

'Someone is stealing this awesome design and trying to sell it as a mug or a t-shirt, I don't care at all. AI model rant says these images are over copyright and the images are Since it's in the public domain, Disney shouldn't legally charge you anything,' said Eric Burderges, the character artist for the game Dead by Daylight .

'The AI didn't steal anything to create the image below, so Nintendo or Marvel or DC wouldn't care. It's completely 100% original.'

These images are generated by Midjourney.

'Since Midjourney is a paid membership system, strictly speaking, only the management of Midjourney profited from these images. I do not intend to profit from or claim rights to these images.'

After that, Mr. Burdages received a refund from Midjourney, and access to the service was suspended.

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