[Old News] Mr. Yuki Sei, author of SF manga `` Superman Rock '' dies

It turned out that Yuki Hijiri, a manga artist known as the author of the sci-fi giant comic 'Superman Rock', died of pneumonia on Sunday, October 30, 2022. I was 72 years old. Hijiri revealed in 2020 that he was battling Parkinson's disease.

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``Superhuman Rock'' was born in 1967 with the first appearance of a work that was later named ``Nimbus and the Negative World'', which was drawn as a work to be published in a handwritten circulation magazine.


made his debut in 1971 after several works published in handwriting circulation magazines became popular. In 1977, 'Shinsekai Sentai' was serialized in the monthly OUT supplement 'Rendezvous' and became the first 'Superhuman Rock' work published in a commercial magazine.

After that, it was serialized in Shonen King from 1979 and made into a theatrical animation in 1984.

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Hijiri announced in 2018 that he underwent surgery due to a temporary cardiac arrest in December 2017, the 50th anniversary of the 'Superman Rock' work. In 2020, he announced that he had Parkinson's disease.

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