I drank ``Morinaga Milk Caramel Tea Latte'', which matches the sweet scent of milk caramel with tea latte

From Morinaga Milk Industry, `` Lipton Morinaga Milk Caramel Tea Latte '', which is a collaboration between the tea brand ``

Lipton '' and Morinaga Confectionery's `` Milk Caramel '', has been available since December 20, 2022 (Tuesday). It is a milk-rich dish that you can fully enjoy the sweet scent of 'milk caramel' and the richness of milk, so I actually bought it and drank it.

'Lipton Morinaga Milk Caramel Tea Latte' New release for a limited time nationwide (excluding Okinawa) from December 20 (Tuesday) | News Releases | Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.

The package of 'Lipton Morinaga Milk Caramel Tea Latte' looks like this.

Caramel, black tea, coconut oil, etc. are used as raw materials.

The calorie is 91 kcal per cup (200 ml).

When you pour it into a cup, the sweet scent of caramel drifts.

When you take a sip, you can immediately feel the sweetness of caramel, but then you can feel the flavor of black tea. Although the caramel flavor is strong as a scent, the taste is not so strong, and it is an impression that it can coexist well with the taste of black tea.

The price of ``Lipton Morinaga Milk Caramel Tea Latte'' is 167 yen including tax, and it will be sold nationwide except Okinawa for a limited time from December 20, 2022 (Tuesday).

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