The United States Copyright Office is proceeding with the copyright cancellation procedure of manga made with image generation AI, the author's attitude to fight with a lawyer

What is attracting attention as image generation AI makes great progress is 'whether copyright can be recognized for works created using AI'. In September 2022, a manga created using the image generation AI '

Midjourney ' became a hot topic as it acquired copyright registration in the United States, but the United States Copyright Office has decided to cancel the copyright of this work. It became clear that we were making progress.

AI-Created Comic Has Been Deemed Ineligible for Copyright Protection

In response to the development of AI technology that can be used for various creations, there is an existence called 'AI artist' who creates works of art using AI, but still works of art created with AI are copyrighted. It is generally not accepted. In February 2022, the United States Copyright Office commented when it rejected an application for copyright registration of a painting created by AI, saying, ``Images generated by AI are the necessary standards to be protected by copyright. It does not contain elements of human copyright.'

``There is no copyright in the work of art created by AI,'' the US Copyright Office rejects AI's copyright-GIGAZINE

However, in September 2022, the manga “ Zarya of the Dawn ” created by AI artist Chris Kashtanova, who is active in New York, using the image generation AI Midjourney , officially acquired the copyright registration in the United States and became a hot topic. I called. Mr. Kashtanova said that he built the story and layout of the manga in the production of 'Zarya of the Dawn', and the illustration part connected the images generated by AI. In the copyright registration application, he explained that the image generation by AI was only to support the artwork, and that not all of the manga was created by AI.

Copyright registration is recognized for the first time for art created by AI - GIGAZINE

However, it became clear that the United States Copyright Office overturned the previous decision and started the procedure to cancel the copyright registration of 'Zarya of the Dawn'. According to Kashtanova, the Copyright Office explained that the reason for revoking the copyright of 'Zarya of the Dawn' was 'because Midjourney overlooked that he had generated a manga illustration.'

In addition, there is a notation of 'MIDJOURNEY' on the upper left of the cover of 'Zarya Of the Dawn', but the entertainment media CBR did not specify the role of Midjourney in the explanation of the copyright registration application, and the copyright office misunderstood. suggests that it may have given

The Copyright Office has given Kashtanova 30 days to file an objection, and attorney Van Lindbergh has already reported that he has submitted a document appealing to recognize the copyright.

Mr. Kashtanova explained on SNS that the copyright cancellation of 'Zarya Of the Dawn' has not been officially decided, and the copyright is still valid.

In addition, the media has announced fake news that `` Mr. Kashtanova's copyright has been revoked '', and people who are against AI itself and those who are affected by AI are spreading fake news, Mr. Kashtanova said. claimed.

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