Netflix deliberately hides its cheapest ad-free plan

From November 2022, Netflix has been rolling out a plan with advertisements, ``

Basic with Ads, '' that reduces monthly fees. There are 4 types of Netflix plans including this plan, but Netflix intentionally hides one of them.

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Netflix hiding its cheapest ad-free plan from new subscribers

When you access the subscription information page for Netflix non-subscribers, you will see 'Choose the plan that's right for you' as shown below. Three plans are displayed: the cheapest 'basic with ads', 'standard' that allows you to watch videos in full HD, and 'premium' that allows you to watch videos in 4K + HDR, but in fact there is another plan called 'basic'. Even though it exists, it's not showing up anywhere.

To view 'Basic', click the small word 'View All Plans' at the bottom of the page.

Then, 'Basic' will be displayed between 'Basic with advertisement' and 'Standard' as shown below. Basic is a plan that allows you to watch in HD quality and download videos, and is the cheapest plan among ad-free plans.

In this way, designs that hide things that are not very useful for service providers and intentionally guide users to disadvantageous or unfavorable choices are called 'dark patterns.' Dark patterns are used on various sites , and there are indications that, for example, Adobe makes users sign annual contracts without knowing it. In the United States, there is also a movement to establish a new law that ``does not accept consent obtained by dark patterns'' in response to the act of guiding users in this way.

A new law has appeared that does not accept consent obtained with a ``dark pattern'' that guides users - GIGAZINE

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