What is the result of practicing how to get along with wild crows?

Crows are known to be very clever birds, and are said to have the ability

to collect disjointed parts to create tools and to acquire adult-level cognitive abilities earlier than primates . Carl Bergstrom , a biology professor at the University of Washington who tried to get along with such a crow, explains how to do it with his own mastodon.

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On how to get along with crows, Bergstrom recommends feeding them. According to Bergstrom, omnivorous crows basically eat anything, but they prefer shelled peanuts.

If you feed him regularly, the crows will gradually come to recognize Mr. Bergstrom, and will be able to recognize him by his face, footsteps, and the sound of the car's engine. Bergstrom said, ``Even if you were wearing a new jacket and wearing a hood in the rain, the crows would have identified themselves.'' Also, even if there was no contact with crows for a year due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus, crows remembered Mr. Bergstrom.

Bergstrom recommends feeding crows every time as a general principle in animal training. In addition, Mr. Bergstrom is trying to treat with respect when contacting crows, and he says that he is greeting crows and so on. On the other hand, he said, 'I don't know if talking to crows will help.'

A user named `` wpietri '' of Hacker News who practiced Mr. Bergstorm's method of getting along with crows said that he succeeded in getting along with several crows over about a year and a half.

Mr. wpietri spoke while feeding the crows unsalted peanuts. However, at first, the crows were wary and did not approach, but as a result of continuing for several months, the crows began to approach while being wary.

As a result of continuing to feed for about half a year, he said that his wariness against Mr. wpietri was somewhat weakened and he began to appear in his backyard. Mr. wpietri, like Mr. Bergstrom, seems to have tried to treat the crows with respect and soften their tone, gestures, and behavior.

Then, one of the crows began to take chicken bones directly from Mr. wpietri's hand. This crow, which Mr. wpietri calls 'George', began to sit near Mr. wpietri after eating food.

``I'm trying to understand exactly what the other party is trying to do while looking at each other with crows,'' said wpietri, ``humans and crows can't fully understand each other. ' said.

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