It is reported that Apple canceled the release of the 4th generation 'iPhone SE'

Apple was expected to release the 4th generation iPhone SE in 2024, but analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who makes highly accurate leak information and predictions related to Apple, said, ``In 2024, the 4th generation iPhone will be released. SE may not be released,' he points out on his blog.

Apple has reportedly canceled the next iPhone SE - The Verge

It was reported that mass production of the 4th generation iPhone SE, which will be released in 2024, may be postponed or canceled.

It is reported that Apple may postpone or cancel mass production of the ``4th generation iPhone SE'' scheduled to be released in 2024-GIGAZINE

Following this, Kuo points out that the 4th generation iPhone SE may not launch in 2024. As for the reason why the release was canceled, Mr. Kuo points out that the poor sales of the iPhone's low-end model may be affecting it.

In September 2022, Bloomberg reported that the demand for the high-end model iPhone 14 Pro was higher than the middle-range model iPhone 14, and the demand for the high-end iPhone model is higher. it was clear.

In addition, it is reported that the production volume of the 3rd generation iPhone SE was reduced just a few weeks after its release. In addition, since the report that the production volume was reduced, information on the iPhone SE was not reported.

Apple cuts production of 3rd generation iPhone SE in just a few weeks from release - GIGAZINE

The second generation iPhone SE was released four years after the first generation was released, and the third generation was released two years later. Therefore, the 4th generation iPhone SE is expected to be released in 2024, two years after the 3rd generation was released. The overseas media The Verge wrote, 'It's a shame to see Apple confusing the product launch timeline again.'

In addition, Mr. Kuo said about Qualcomm, which manufactures 5G modem chips for the iPhone, ``Apple is working on manufacturing its own 5G modem chip, and tested it on the next iPhone SE before installing this chip in the flagship model. I was planning on doing it,' he said. However, since the release of the 4th generation iPhone SE has been canceled, Apple predicts that it is likely to use Qualcomm's 5G modem chip until the iPhone 16 series, which will appear in 2024.

The Verge points out that 'these news are still about a year away, so there's a good chance the plans will change.'

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