Web server ``Apache'' requested name change from Native Americans

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), which operates

Apache , an open-source web server software, has been asked to respect the Native Americans and their own code of conduct, with the Apaches, one of the six indigenous tribes of North America, in mind. I understand that a request for a name change has been issued to protect it.

Apache® Appropriations

Native Americans ask Apache foundation to change name • The Register

The non-profit organization Natives in Tech , which aims to build open source technology that empowers Native Americans, issued a statement calling for the Apache name change.

Regarding the name 'Apache', Brian Behlendorf, a founding member of ASF, said, 'The name Apache was not used for cultural appropriation. I wanted something a little more interesting and romantic because I had just seen a documentary about the demise of the Geronimo and Apache tribes, and the last time they gave up their territory in the West, the United States, invaded. The fact that it was a tribe seemed to me to be a romantic representation of what we do with web server projects.'

'Trillions and Trillions Served' documentary feature on The Apache Software Foundation-YouTube

Natives in Tech points out that this 'romantic expression' is 'both ignorant and offensive' and calls on ASF to be 'very careful with its choice of words' and rename it.

According to the news site The Register, Mr. Behlendorf did not comment. A spokesperson said, 'We are listening to the concerns of Indigenous peoples. As a volunteer-run non-profit organization, we are considering alternative ways of addressing this with our members and board. I have no information to share with you.'

In addition, there have been multiple sports-related name change projects involving indigenous people, and the most recent famous example is the Cleveland Indians, which was also the stage of the movie 'Major League', from the 2022 season.・The name has been changed to 'Guardians'.

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