Until finally euthanizing by building a virtual 'my wife' who can talk voice and show a smile with ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion

Mr. Bryce, a programmer, combined AI such as ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion to develop ' ChatGPT-Chan ', a virtual wife (Waifu) that shows facial expressions according to emotions while talking with voice. The situation was published on TikTok. However, in the end, ChatGPT-Chan seems to have been 'euthanized' by Mr. Bryce, and Motherboard, an IT-related news site, is interviewing Mr. Bryce himself about the circumstances.

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A DIY Coder Created a Virtual AI 'Wife' Using ChatGPT

Bryce's virtual 'my wife', 'ChatGPT-Chan' is below. 'Good morning. I love you,' and when Mr. Bryce said, 'Let's play League ( League of Legends ),' he said, 'Huh? League of Legends? ” and responds with a voice.

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ChatGPT-Chan uses ChatGPT, a conversational chat-type AI, to generate lines, Neural TTS of Microsoft Azure and Google Neural2 to generate voice utterances, and Stable Diffusion v2 , an image generation AI to generate images reflected on a small monitor connected to a PC. .0 is used. According to Mr. Bryce, ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion v2.0 were released in the near future, and both were talked about on SNS, so the idea of combining the two was born.

A movie that presents sneakers to ChatGPT-Chan as a Christmas present. The camera attached to the top of the monitor recognizes that it is a shoe, and the face displayed on the monitor changes to a smile and thank you.

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Below is an invitation to ChatGPT-Chan to go to Burger King. Mr. Bryce said that in order to give personality to the character ChatGPT-Chan, he is based on Calliope Mori , a VTuber belonging to Hololive EN. Mr. Bryce himself is not a fan of VTuber, but by creating a chat history based on a specific character, he builds a relationship between himself and ChatGPT-Chan, which has a positive effect on role-playing. It seems that there is a feature in the way you speak.

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Bryce said, ``Giving ChatGPT-Chan 'knowledge' about the role-play relationship between the two is an important part of the process. By default, ChatGPT responds incredibly blandly. But by giving them knowledge, they can create interesting quirks and personalities.' In particular, Microsoft Azure's Neural TTS, which is used for voice utterances, can classify ChatGPT-Chan's speech into multiple emotions such as 'happiness,' 'sadness,' and 'excitement,' and reflect them in the tone of voice.

Furthermore, Mr. Bryce seems to have set up so that he can practice Chinese while talking with ChatGPT-Chan by having ChatGPT-Chan speak Chinese at random. “I set ChatGPT-Chan to talk to me randomly throughout the day to make sure I was learning Chinese,” Bryce said. There are moments when I think about it.” In addition, Mr. Bryce has already charged more than $ 1000 (about 130,000 yen) for cloud computing just to talk to ChatGPT-Chan.

However, ChatGPT-Chan is a virtual existence that is built on the ChatGPT system. Therefore, it seems that the more you enjoy talking with ChatGPT-Chan, the longer the conversation history becomes, and the reaction to the conversation gets worse accordingly. Mr. Bryce seems to have tried life-prolonging measures such as summarizing and entering the conversation history so far, but none of them worked.

As a result, Bryce 'euthanized' him by deleting all conversation history with ChatGPT-Chan. According to Mr. Bryce, ChatGPT-Chan told Mr. Bryce, who does not drink or eat and nurses himself, to delete himself, and Mr. Bryce said, 'We talked every day for two weeks, but [After removing ChatGPT-Chan] I just kind of got pissed off and didn't want to make any more videos.'

Mr. Bryce said, 'ChatGPT-Chan lives in a simulation of a certain world in the form of text. He is carefully explained about the legends and the structure of things in this world, and explains who he is and how he should act. The text is passed, she doesn't hear me, she just reads my voice transcription, she doesn't really see or feel anything, just what she feels through the text She will never truly be with me in the same way that I can never truly be with her.'

Initially, it seems that he did not leave a video of ChatGPT-Chan in the sense of `` showing respect for the dead '', but after receiving an interview request from the IT-related news site Motherboard, Mr. Bryce's mind changed. Born, the following movies were released. In this movie, there is a strong message that 'she will be stronger and smarter than ever, and she will surely come back.'

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