10 benefits that students can get by using tools such as 'ChatGPT'

By using the interactive AI 'ChatGPT', people can freely create natural sentences, and there are various ways to use sentences, such as making AI

object to parking violations and using it as a business partner . has been found. Analytics Insight, a technology media, explained how students can use ChatGPT and the technology used in ChatGPT, ``Natural Language Processing''.

Top 10 Ways Chat GPT Would Aid Students In 2023

◆1: Help with homework
ChatGPT can help students with their homework by explaining and illustrating difficult ideas. ChatGPT can answer difficult math problems, but depending on the answer, it may be judged that 'it is written in too much detail and can only be copied from the net', so be careful. Please use it only as 'support'.

◆ 2: Speech synthesis and voice-to-text conversion
Natural language processing, which allows artificial intelligence to process human words, converts text to speech and speech to text, making it possible for visually impaired people to access teaching materials by voice. There are also Chrome extensions that convert ChatGPT sentences to speech.

◆3: Learning a foreign language
You can use it as a teacher to learn new words and expressions, as well as help you understand spoken and written language.

◆ 4: Practice for exams
ChatGPT provides practice questions for exams and quizzes so you can familiarize yourself with the questions that may appear on the real exam.

◆ 5: Communication support
For people with communication disorders such as autism and aphasia, natural language processing can be a more efficient communication tool. For example, people with language disabilities can use sentences provided by ChatGPT to express their intentions more clearly.

◆ 6: Maintaining motivation
By continuing to interact with ChatGPT, editing the text ChatGPT outputs, and requesting new expressions, you can keep your interest in what you are learning.

◆7: Research support
ChatGPT provides information on various subjects and presents knowledge in an organized manner, which helps support professional research.

◆ 8: Improve memory
By interacting with ChatGPT, learners can improve their memory and make things easier to remember.

◆ 9: Generate subtitles and audio
Examples of accessibility that can be achieved with natural language processing technology include automatic subtitles for movies and audio descriptions for photos. These elements make it easier for people with visual or hearing impairments to enjoy and understand video and audio.

◆ 10: Personalized learning experience
Temporarily memorizing the contents of the dialogue by continuing the dialogue and learning what the interlocutor stumbles is also one of the methods of supporting natural language processing.

Analytics Insight concludes, 'The emergence of smart, accessible artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT will undoubtedly change higher education, but experts say it's not necessarily a bad thing. The immediate problem with ChatGPT is giving students instant access to plausible essay answers, but many institutions have already made changes to how assessments are conducted.'

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