A Tondemo bill that goes against the era of `` abolishing electric vehicles to protect the oil industry '' has been submitted in the United States

The shift to electric vehicles, which are considered to be a means of transportation with low carbon dioxide emissions, has become a global trend, and countries and regions such as France, Norway, and California are discussing the future cessation of sales of gasoline vehicles. . Meanwhile, in the state of Wyoming in the United States, a bill was submitted to `` phase out the sale of electric vehicles by 2035 to protect the oil industry ''.

Bill Detail

The bill in question was jointly introduced by four senators and two representatives from the Wyoming Legislature. The bill states that 'oil and gas are Wyoming's proud and valuable industries' and that 'the Wyoming oil and gas industries have created countless jobs and tax revenues over the years.' It also calls for the phase-out of electric vehicle sales by 2035.

Concerns about the spread of electric vehicles in Wyoming stated in the bill are as follows.

・The state of Wyoming has extensive highways, but it is not suitable for the spread of electric vehicles because the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is not sufficiently deployed.
• In order to fully deploy charging infrastructure in Wyoming, it will be necessary to increase the amount of electricity generated in the state.
・Batteries used in electric vehicles are not sufficiently supplied in the United States, and the materials necessary for battery production include materials for which there is concern about stable supply.
・The materials contained in batteries are difficult to dispose of and recycle, and development of proper battery disposal is necessary for the spread of electric vehicles in Wyoming.

On the other hand, the bill cites the following points as the merits of continuing the sale of gasoline vehicles.

The U.S. government continues to invest in the oil and gas industries that are essential to maintaining gasoline vehicles, and will continue to employ thousands of workers in the oil and gas industries in Wyoming.
• Fossil fuels will continue to be essential to the transportation of goods and people in Wyoming and within the United States.

Based on the above concerns about electric vehicles and the merits of gasoline vehicles, the bill ends with the statement, 'The spread of electric vehicles at the expense of gasoline vehicles will adversely affect Wyoming's community and economy.' is written.

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