Academic journal Science implements policy revisions that do not recognize AI such as ChatGPT as authors of papers

Due to the issue of whether to use the high-performance interactive AI ``ChatGPT'' for papers, the academic journal Science has revised its editorial policy and announced that it will not accept text generation AI like ChatGPT as an author.

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H. Holden Thorpe, Editor-in-Chief of Science, said that authors have signed a license that 'this article is original' in submitting an article to Science, and that 'original' is 'made with ChatGPT.' enough to show that the text is unacceptable.' He also said that the authors have demonstrated that they hold themselves accountable for their papers.

In light of this, Science has revised its license and editorial policy, stating that ' Text generated by ChatGPT (or any other AI tool) may not be used in a paper. It is impossible to generate it .' It also stipulated that AIs cannot be authors of papers .

Thorpe said that violations of this policy amounted to scientific misconduct no different from image manipulation or plagiarism of previous research. In addition, in the paper, legitimate datasets intentionally generated by AI may be used, but this is not subject to revision.

“The scientific record is, after all, the record of human efforts to grapple with important problems. Machines play an important role, but it is for humans to formulate hypotheses, design experiments, and understand results. Ultimately, the great computers in our minds have to do the work,” concludes Thorpe.

Regarding 'ChatGPT', ICML, one of the international conferences on machine learning, said, 'At the moment, there is no clear answer as to who the output of AI is.' We expressly prohibit the use of the entire generated text in papers.

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On the other hand, there are also survey results that researchers can not distinguish the abstract of the paper written by ChatGPT.

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