A fierce man who made his own mold that molds snowballs like `` Minecraft '' appeared

`` Minecraft '' released by Mojang Studios is a sandbox game where you can freely arrange blocks and enjoy architecture, create tools and spend a survival life. Mr. A , who uses a 3D printer to create various crafts, is creating a plastic mold that molds a snowball into a Minecraft voxel style.

Voxel Snowball Manufacturing Mold - Rua Koubou - BOOTH

Rua used the 3DCAD software Solid Edge to create 3D data for the snowball mold.

Next, I used a 3D printer, Adventurer 3 , to print out the snowball mold.

The image below shows a snowball that is actually filled with snow into a mold and molded. A voxel-like snowball like a Minecraft item is completed.

The following video is a video that combines a Minecraft-like UI with a video of actually throwing a molded snowball. You can see how the vigorously thrown snowball hits the wall and sticks to it. Also, the number of snowballs in the inventory has been reduced from 16 to 15, which shows Rua's attention to detail.

Rua has released a blueprint for creating a snowball mold for free, so anyone can make a voxel-like snowball.

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