'GROUNDHOG-DAY.com' which summarizes the data of 'Groundhog Day' that predicts the weather from the behavior of small animals for over 150 years from 1886

In the United States and Canada, on February 2nd, a weather fortune-telling event will be held using

groundhogs , a type of marmot, to predict the arrival of spring. For this reason, February 2nd is called ' Groundhog Day ', and the website ' GROUNDHOG-DAY.com ' summarizes the weather forecast results for Groundhog Day from 1886.

GROUNDHOG-DAY.com — the leading Groundhog Day data source

Groundhog Day is an annual event celebrated in North America, and it is an event to predict the weather for the year from the behavior of groundhogs widely distributed in the North American continent. In the United States and Canada, many states hold Groundhog Days of various sizes, and the event is so well-known that the movie ' Love is Deja Vu (original title: Groundhog Day)' based on the event was released. is.

Legend has it that groundhogs wake up from hibernation on February 2nd, and when they go outside and see their own shadows, they startle themselves back into their burrows. Therefore, if a groundhog sees its own shadow (February 2nd is sunny enough to cast a groundhog's shadow), it is said that 'winter will continue for another 6 weeks', and the groundhog does not see its shadow (February If the weather on the 2nd is bad, such as cloudy weather, it is predicted that spring is approaching.

'GROUNDHOG-DAY.com' summarizes the fortune-telling results of 'Groundhog Day' since 1886.

GROUNDHOG-DAY.com — the leading Groundhog Day data source

'Predictions by year' at the top of the screen summarizes the results of weather fortune telling by year. For example, in 2022, the Groundhog Day weather horoscope is ``39 groundhogs agreed, 28 did not''. and the overall expected result was 'Early spring'.

Click 'All years'.

Then, the results of weather fortune-telling by year since 1886 (Prediction), the number of votes whether groundhogs predicted the arrival of early spring or long winter (Spring: Winter), the agreement rate of predictions (Consensus), and the overall predictions You can check the number (Total predictions). It is a site that summarizes the forecast results of Groundhog Day to the last, and it is unknown whether it was actually 'early spring arrival'.

'Groundhogs' summarizes the prediction results of Groundhog Day by region. Click 'All groundhogs'.

Then you can check the forecast results by region.

Click 'Groundhog Map'.

You can then check the groundhog day prediction results on the map.

The creator of GROUNDHOG-DAY.com responded to the question on the overseas bulletin board Hacker News , 'How accurately can you predict the weather?' We need to get year-by-year weather data for different regions of the world and compare it with historical forecasts.We need to get a fair amount of data, but we don't get much of a return on that.'

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