[Free manga] My husband smells like garlic! Episode 7 (Final) 'Vampires, Demon Kings, and Garlic Tubes'

◆ Synopsis
A vampire's weak point is garlic. But garlic tastes too good. Mint, who has shrunk after eating garlic due to temptation, continues to challenge garlic dishes with the garlic-loving maid Kaori to overcome her weakness.
Hungry vampire x garlic-loving maid's 'cute' and 'delicious' gourmet? manga!

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Master, it smells like garlic! Episode 7

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Manga: Yumeki

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Also, the name of the first stage when the work was still a 'serialization plan' will be included as a bonus.

In addition, we are planning a newly drawn episode. Although it is still in the concept stage, please look forward to the limited episodes that can only be seen in comics.

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