``Piano Chords'' that even beginners can understand ``what is a code'' using the piano keyboard on the browser for free

What is important when composing is the `` chord progression '' that determines the atmosphere of the song along with the melody (melody), but many people think that it is difficult to learn from 1 what sounds are composed of many codes Should be. ' Piano Chords ' is a site where even beginners can easily understand chord sounds and types of chords with their eyes and ears.

Piano Chords: Simple Online Piano Chord Player


When you access Piano Chords, it looks like this.

Scrolling down revealed a colorful piano keyboard. Click the keyboard to hear the sound.

If you say 'too colorful and hard to see', click the 'colorize keys' switch under the keyboard to change the color to blue and pink.

Below that is a button with code. For example, the screen below shows buttons for major chords and major seventh chords. There are 12 chords from C to B.

When you press the chord button, that chord will sound. Furthermore, the color of the keyboard of the notes that make up the chord will change. Just by pressing the chord button, you can see the sounds that make up the chord both visually and aurally. For example, in the case of C major, there are three notes: C, E, G (Do, Mi, So).

There are three E minors: E, G, B (Mi, So, Si).

There are four G# demined sevenths: G#・B・D・F (So#・Shi・Re・Fa). Even if you only remember the position of the guitar to hold down and the sound of the chord, but you don't know what kind of sound it actually consists of, just press a button and you will know what kind of sound it consists of. .

Scrolling down further, the explanations and impressions of each code were also summarized.

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