Movie `` Tetris '' trailer release depicting the hardship of obtaining the rights of `` Tetris '' from the Soviet Union

A trailer of the movie `` Tetris '' depicting the story of businessman Henk Rogers, who got the rights to the falling puzzle game `` Tetris '' across the Soviet Union and raised it to a global hit game, has been released.

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What is displayed on the PC is 'Tetris'

'Just playing Tetris for 5 minutes, Tetriminos will fall even in your dreams.' Henk Rogers (act: Taron Egerton).

The name 'Tetris' is a combination of 'Tetra', which means four in Greek, and 'Tennis'.

Rogers who came to the laboratory.

'Henk, this is something only 10 people in the world have seen yet.'

It was the Game Boy that Rogers showed me.

Rogers to sell 'I want you to sell Tetris together' immediately.

You will be asked, 'Is it possible to acquire rights?'

Rogers grinned.

However, it is the Soviet Union that owns the rights to Tetris.

The Soviet Union was America's greatest enemy at the time. Rogers who parries the phone advising that as 'okay okay'.

Realize the trip to Moscow.

Rogers, who met developer Alexei Pazitonov, said, 'Your game is wonderful. I will make you a millionaire.'

But the problem is the negotiation of rights. To Rogers who tells Rogers, 'I came for Tetris,' the Soviet person in charge returns in Russian, 'I guess you came for money.'

'What is he saying? I don't speak Russian,' Rogers said.

There was also a scene where the female employee who was eavesdropping laughed at the reaction.

Rogers is put under surveillance by a Communist Party strongman.

'The world is changing'

``The Soviet Union will not be left behind,'' said Mikhail Gorbachev.

Can Rogers survive various predicaments?

And a man who quietly plays Tetris in front of Rogers.

'It's not bad,' he said. It was Hiroshi Yamauchi of Nintendo.

The movie `` Tetris '' will be distributed on Apple TV + from March 31, 2023.

In addition, it was reported in 2014 that 'Tetris' was made into a movie, and in 2016 there was a story that a trilogy was planned , but since the production company has changed, it seems that there is no connection to the project. .

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