The PS5 version of STG 'Rez Infinite', which makes music, light and vibration fuse and feels good, is compatible with PlayStation VR 2, so I played it


Rez Infinitie '', a shooting game (STG) released on PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast in 2001, compatible with PlayStation VR, will be released in 2023 as a launch title for Sony's VR device ` ` PlayStation VR2 '' compatible software. It will be released for PlayStation 5 (PS5) on the 22nd of the month. I got the opportunity to play ahead of the PS5 version of Rez Infinite with PlayStation VR2, so I actually played it.

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Rez Infinite |

Rez Infinite is the ultimate version of Rez released in 2001 with a VR compatible mode 'Area X' mode, released for PlayStation 4 in 2016. This work is a PS5 version compatible with PSVR2, and the rough game mode is the same.

Below is where I actually played the Rez mode of PS5 version Rez Infinite with PSVR2.

Pre-play Rez mode of PS5 version 'Rez Infinite' compatible with PSVR2 - YouTube

The setting that the player is diving into the cyber space composed of wire frames.

Lock on the virus that has invaded this cyber space and hit it with a laser to defeat it.

The BGM that ticks the beat is a mechanism that swells as the enemy is defeated. In addition, sound and light are generated when an enemy is defeated, and vibrations are transmitted to the hand holding the controller when locking on or defeating an enemy. Rez is based on the concept of 'synesthesia,' which is a fusion of visual, auditory, and tactile sensations.

A unique groove is created by the sound and light when defeating an enemy, and the PSVR2's haptic vibration. The main feature of this game is that you can get

Additionally, Rez Infinite has an 'Area X' mode optimized for playing on VR devices.

You can see how the Area X mode looks like by watching the following movie.

Pre-play 'Area X' mode of PS5 version 'Rez Infinite' with PSVR2-YouTube

The feature of Area X is that the cyber space is no longer a wire frame, but is made up of particles of light. In addition, the resolution of the enemy modeling and the effects when defeating them is extremely high, making the space feel wider and increasing the immersion.

In the PS5 version, the video has evolved to 4K resolution and 60fps motion. Furthermore, the sound also supports full surround sound of 5.1/7.1cm.

Also, with PSVR2, it is possible to enjoy smooth images of 2000 x 2040 pixels per eye and 120 fps in VR. In addition, the Area X mode music and sound effects can be enjoyed in full 3D audio. Furthermore, since it supports HDR, it is possible to enjoy higher contrast images.

And what surprised me while playing was the haptic vibration function that is also installed in the VR headset.

There is an effect of plunging into the burst of light when moving between areas, and at that moment the headset vibrates the head, and the light and sound effects are added to create the experience of “diving into space”. Impression raised. I've played Rez Infinite on the previous generation PSVR and other VR devices, but I think I was able to feel Rez's concept of 'dive into the cyber world' firsthand.

And the aim that locks on to the enemy can be operated by PSVR2's line-of-sight tracking.

The following movie shows how you actually play while locking on the enemy with gaze tracking.

[Pre-play] I tried playing the PS5 version 'Rez Infinite' with the gaze tracking function of PlayStation VR2-YouTube

It takes a little getting used to to lock on to the enemy with gaze tracking, but being able to lock on to the enemy without moving your neck or body or swinging the controller is a great way to become one with your flying avatar. It gives you the feeling of being there. The graphics and sound have also evolved, and I was able to immerse myself in the feeling of becoming a character in cyberpunk sci-fi.

The price of PlayStation VR2 is 74,980 yen including tax. In addition, the PS5 version of Rez Infinite will be released on February 22, 2022, and the price is 3462 yen including tax. If you own the PlayStation 4 version, you can upgrade to the PS5 version for 1100 yen including tax.

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