How to use ``sky'' freely in ``summer daytime'' and ``autumn dusk'' by adjusting the color of the sky with Google Photos

Many people have the experience of ``I took a landscape photo, but the weather was cloudy and it looked bad.'' By using the 'sky' function installed in Google's photo management service '

Google Photos ', it is possible to adjust the color of the sky part of the photo without discomfort, so I tried to check the actual procedure and effect.

Edit your photos - Google Photos Help

Previously, the 'Sky' function was only available on Google's genuine smartphone 'Pixel' series, but from February 23, 2023, ' Google One ' subscribers can also use it on third-party Android smartphones and iPhones. rice field.

How to use the 'Empty' function is as follows. First, open the photo you want to edit in Google Photos and tap 'Edit'.

Then tap 'Tools' and then tap 'Empty'.

You'll then see an empty theme and a slider that allows you to select the strength of the adjustment. Seven themes are available: Vivid, Luminance, Radiant, Ember, Airy, Sunset, and Stormy.

After selecting the theme and effect, tap 'Done'.

Then tap 'Save a copy'.

Editing is complete when 'Saved' is displayed.

By moving the slider placed on the image below left and right, you can compare before editing (left) and after editing (right). After editing, the colors of the sky and lake have changed significantly, but the colors of people, stones, mountains, etc. have remained natural.

I also edited the sky of various photos. In the photo below, the sky is much brighter, but the color change is suppressed in areas other than the sky. Changing only the color of the sky would make the entire photo look unnatural, but Google Photos' 'Sky' function will also slightly change the color of parts other than the sky, so there is almost no sense of incongruity.

In the following photo of mountains at dusk, I was able to emphasize the feeling of dusk by making the sky color warmer. If you focus on the person, the clothes look orange, but the result is not out of place as a photo that expresses the sunset.

In the photo below, the sky and clouds are bluish, and the colors of the mountains are also bluish.

Below is what I tried to make the picture of dusk look like a daytime picture. After editing (right), I was able to make the sky blue, but the clouds remained orange. The 'Sky' feature is pretty powerful, but it may not give you the desired effect for some photos.

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