``Tarako Butter Flavored Yakisoba Mocchitchi'' Taste Review with Mochimochi Texture Noodles Containing the Richness of Tarako and Butter

From March 6, 2023 (Monday), the `` Tarako Butter Flavored Yakisoba Mocchichi '' with the umami and butter flavor of cod roe will be added to the `` Yakisoba Mocchichi '' series, which is characterized by its chewy texture. I actually tried this product, which is based on bonito stock and soy sauce, and has a good balance between the umami of cod roe and the flavor of butter.

Tarako Butter Flavor Yakisoba Mocchichi 2023/3/6 New Release | Acecook Co., Ltd.


The package of 'Tarako Butter Taste Yakisoba Mocchi' looks like this.

Raw materials include cod roe processed products, seafood seasonings, bonito powder, butter processed products, etc.

The calorie is 426 kcal per meal.

First, open the lid and take out the 'finish seasoning' and 'noodle loosening flavor oil'.

Pour hot water and wait 4 minutes.

After 4 minutes, drain the water.

Remove the lid, mix the noodles with the “Noodle Hogushi Flavored Oil” and loosen them well.

Finally, sprinkle 'finishing seasoning' and mix well to complete.

The chewy noodles have the perfect aroma of bonito flakes, cod roe, and butter. The noodles with a core that can be cut with your teeth were well-entwined with the taste of cod roe.

The suggested retail price of ``Tarako Butter Flavored Yakisoba Motchichi'' is 214 yen excluding tax, and it is scheduled to be sold nationwide from March 6, 2023.

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