Viruses that hijack browsers pretending to be free pirated versions such as 'Elden Ring', 'Pokemon' and 'Minecraft' are distributed

Illegal pirated versions of popular games are distributed on the Internet. As a result of analyzing these pirated game software by the security monitoring organization 'Ahnlab Security Emergency Response Center (ASEC)', it became clear that they contained malware that hijacked the PC browser.

ChromeLoader Disguised as Illegal Game Programs Being Distributed - ASEC BLOG

The malware intrusion routes discovered by ASEC are as follows. First of all, if you search for the word 'elden ring free download' on Google, a page disguised as 'elden ring free pirated distribution page' will be displayed.

Then, when you access the link destination, an executable file (msi) format file is downloaded, and an explanation such as 'If a security warning appears, click 'Execute'' is displayed on the screen.

If you proceed with the operation as described, the following files will appear. However, among the following files, files other than 'Install' are set as 'hidden files' and are hidden from the user's eyes. Then, when the user double-clicks 'Install', the file set as 'hidden file' is executed, and the malware 'ChromeLoader' that hijacks the browser is installed in the PC.

The list of `` pirated games and apps containing malware '' discovered by ASEC is as follows.

Game and product names Files containing malware
elden ring ELDEN RING Free Download (v1_08_1).vhd
dark souls 3 Dark Souls 3 [FitGirl Repack]_part1_rar.vhd
red dead redemption 2 Red Dead Redemption 2 Free Download (v1_0_1436_28).vhd
Need for Speed: Carbon Collector's Edition File_ Need for Speed Carbon Collectors Edition____.vhd
Call of Duty File_ Call of Duty Deluxe Edition_zip___.vhd
Portal 2 File_ Portal_2_v2023_01_17_zip___.vhd
Minecraft: Story Mode File_ Minecraft – Story Mode_Complete Season_zi___.vhd
Roblox [NEW] ROBLOX _ Doors Script _ Hack _ Spawn Enti___.vhd
The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild The Legend of Zelda_ Breath of the Wild SWITCH ___.vhd
Pokemon Ultra Moon Pokemon Ultra Moon_ Update 1_2 [Decrypted] 3DS ___ (1).vhd
Collect Animal Crossing Animal-Crossing-New-Horizons-Switch-NSPNSZXCI-U___.vhd
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (NSP)(Booster Course DLC)(W___ (2).vhd
super mario odyssey Super Mario Odyssey Switch NSP+ Update Free Dow___.vhd
Microsoft Office 2010 Microsoft Office 2010 Free Download.vhd
Adobe Photoshop 2023 Adobe Photoshop 2023 Free Download.vhd

Needless to say, knowingly downloading a pirated game is illegal. Downloading pirated games is not only against the law, but it may also lead to a situation where information on your PC is stolen, so you should never do it.

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