Card type lost tracker 'Eufy Security SmartTrack Card' that can be stored perfectly in a wallet haste photo review

The Eufy Security SmartTrack Card , a credit card-sized thin lost item tracker, was released on February 28, 2023 (Tuesday). With the Eufy Security SmartTrack Card, it is possible to use functions such as `` find a lost object by making a sound when it is lost '' and `` track location information and search for lost objects '', making it much easier to find lost objects. Since such 'Eufy Security SmartTrack Card' came to the editorial department, I first thoroughly checked the appearance and size.

Eufy Security SmartTrack Card | Anti-Lost Tracker Product Information

The package of 'Eufy Security SmartTrack Card' looks like this.

In addition to the 'Eufy Security SmartTrack Card' body, the package contained a clip and instructions.

On the left side of the 'Eufy Security SmartTrack Card' surface, there is a circular button that can be pushed in.

Various certification marks and serial numbers were written on the back.

The actual weight is 13g. It is a weight that you do not mind even if you store it in a wallet.

The dimensions of the 'Eufy Security SmartTrack Card' are 85 mm wide x 54 mm high x 2.4 mm thick, and the area is almost the same as general cards such as credit cards and transportation IC cards.

The thickness is about 2-3 cards.

When I put it in my wallet, it fit perfectly in the card holder. However, the card holder of the wallet I used this time has become a little loose after several years of use, so it may be tight with a brand new wallet.

'Eufy Security SmartTrack Card' can be attached to a notebook or binder by pasting the attached clip.

The procedure for pasting the clip is like this. First, peel off the film attached to the clip.

Next, paste the clip on the back of 'Eufy Security SmartTrack Card' OK.

Now you can attach it by pinching it with a thin object such as a notebook.

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'Eufy Security SmartTrack Card' is available at for 3392 yen including tax at the time of article creation. Anker Eufy Security SmartTrack Card (lost prevention tracker) [Lost items disappear / Lost prevention tags / Finding items / Compatible with Apple's 'Find' (iOS devices only) / Find smartphones / Misplacement prevention / ring smartphone] : Home appliances & cameras

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