House food's `` mixed cheese sauce '' tasting review that can make `` growing cheese '' just by pouring hot water

There are many dishes such as cheese fondue, gratin, pizza, etc., where you can enjoy the deliciousness of thick cheese, but it is a little troublesome to prepare the essential 'thick cheese'. Since it is said that `` Mazenobi Cheese Sauce Moto '' that appeared from House Foods can make thick cheese just by applying hot water, I tried to see if I could actually make thick cheese easily.

Just add hot water and mix! A new proposal for the dining table with a cheese sauce that stretches out ``Maze Nobi Cheese Sauce'' New release-newsrelease_230126_mazecheese.pdf
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The package of 'Maze Nobi Cheese Sauce Element' looks like this.

Cheese powder and processed cheese products are used as raw materials.

There were two bags of cheese sauce in the package.

I will actually make it. First, put all the contents of the bag in a tall container.

Next, pour 100ml of freshly boiled hot water.

and stir immediately.

It got quite thick at the stage of mixing for about 10 seconds.

Mix for 30 seconds to 1 minute, and it's ready when it becomes a thick sauce.

First of all, I tried to eat it as a cheese fondue. The saltiness peculiar to cheese is weak, but the ``fragrance'' is moderately strong, and it played a role in adding cheese elements firmly without erasing the taste of the material.

Next, I will eat it over a hamburger.

The richness of cheese was added to the umami of meat, and it was possible to transform it into a 'cheese hamburger' with a thick texture.

◆ failure story
I thought, 'Anything is OK with hot water?' I tried using hot water in a pot that was kept warm at 98 degrees, but no matter how much I mixed it, there was no sign of it getting thick at all.

The package also clearly states, 'Be sure to use freshly boiled hot water.' It is safer to boil it.

In the unlikely event that it does not get thick, it is OK if you heat it for about 30 seconds in a microwave oven (500W to 600W). I actually tried it, but it didn't solidify well in 30 seconds.

The reference retail price of 'Maze Nobi Cheese Sauce Moto' is 258 yen excluding tax.

In addition, sells 5 box sets for 1393 yen including tax.

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